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Wood Replacement

Paint quality and painting experience are only two key components of achieving a great paint finish. The third component is a proper canvas. Unfortunately, high humidity and other environmental factors make wood rot a common problem in Georgia. And rotted wood makes a terrible canvas.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best paint finish possible. That’s why our detailed estimate includes a full inspection to identify any wood rot that needs replacement on your home. This is especially important for exterior painting projects, where wood rot is much more likely to be an issue.


Wood Deck Repair | J Stevens Painting


Fascia boards are the long, horizontal pieces of wood directly under the bottom edge of your roof. They may not look like they do much, but they actually support both the lower tiles of the roof and all of the gutters. This puts them under a lot of pressure and exposes them to a lot of moisture, making them prone to rotting and splitting.


Exterior soffits are located perpendicular to the fascia boards and protect the rafters. They’re typically used on the perimeter of a building’s main roof, but soffits can also be found under porches, arches, or flights of stairs. Soffits keep water and debris from blowing into your home, which makes them prone to warping and rotting.


The exterior trim on all types of windows and doors is referred to as brick molding, even if the house isn’t actually made of brick. Often, this type of trim is made from a softer wood such as soft pine. This type of wood quickly deteriorates in the weather, especially if the joints haven’t been caulked properly.


Window sills are the most exposed portion of the structure of the window. As a result, the sill and its protruding outside end, called the “nose” or “sill nosing,” often begins to rot or crack before any other part of the window frame begins to deteriorate. However, once rotting or cracking begins, it can spread quickly.


These vertical boards form the outside corner of a wood-frame building and protect the seam where the siding meets. Moisture can collect between corner boards and wooden siding, causing rot to spread through both.


Mullions are thick vertical bars used to divide two or more complete window units. They also serve as support for the window jamb. Muntins are narrower and are used to divide the individual glass panes that make up a window unit. Gaps in caulking or warping due to the elements make mullions and muntins vulnerable to deterioration.


Regardless of the material your exterior doors are made of, it’s likely your door frames are made of wood. Regular use and weather exposure put a lot of strain on exterior door frames, which can weaken the integrity of the wood and allow rot to set in.


Siding is notorious for trapping moisture, leading to deterioration and warping of both the siding itself and the walls beneath.


Decks are very susceptible to “dry rot,” which isn’t caused by dryness at all. Dry rot is a type of fungus that thrives on excess moisture. This fungus causes decking to decay from the inside out. Dry rot can be eliminated with spot repairs if caught early enough.

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Our paint jobs are meant to last, and thorough repair work is a vital part of keeping your paint vibrant and smooth. We don’t just eliminate decaying and warped wood. We use rot-free PVC and MiraTec products when available, and Cement Board siding for siding replacement. We also take the time to properly seal joints and smooth surfaces to prevent future deterioration.


J Stevens Painting provides the most competitive pricing around the Atlanta metro area. We also give you a free, detailed estimate before we begin work.

We’ll schedule your service at a time that is both convenient for you and provides optimal weather conditions for painting and staining. We’ll take care to protect the items around your home while we are working, and then clean up the area when we are done.

J Stevens Painting understands how important the look of the exterior and any wooden surface is to the appearance and value of your home. You’re guaranteed to receive the highest quality service with an Atlanta painting contractor that truly cares about your satisfaction.
To get started with your wood repair or replacement, contact J. Stevens Painting today at 770-365-6889.