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Winter’s Hottest Color Trends

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is getting together to celebrate the biggest holidays of the year. This is your opportunity to give your house the much-needed paint job you have been putting off.  

Choose from the season’s trendiest colors, then give an Atlanta painting company a call. Here are color ideas by room to get you started.  

Enticing the Appetite in the Kitchen  

If you’re looking for a bold color in the kitchen, a warm red is the way to go. This type of hue can actually stimulate the appetite. To find the right shade of red for your kitchen, think about what’s already in the room and what you plan to add to it. If you want a farmhouse kitchen, consider a more muted barn color like PPG’s Sienna Red.  

Inviting Dining Room 

Orange and yellow are considered risky colors by homeowners to paint a room, but dining rooms are the perfect place to mix things up. These colors are high-energy, fun, friendly, and perfect for the room where you break bread with family and friends.  

If you’re feeling nervous about painting the whole room, pick an accent wall to paint one pop of color. PPG offers bright shades of orange and yellow in two of their most popular colors, Gingerbread and Yarrow.   

Calming Living Room  

Did you know that green is the most soothing hue to the human eye? It gives the room a sense of peacefulness, but it also adds personality without being too overbearing.  

Charcoal Smoke by PPG is the perfect shade of green to give your living room a touch of color with rich history ties. This color in your living room will leave you feeling cozy and inspire you to cuddle up on the couch with a good book.  

Crisp and Clean Bathroom   

Shades of blue remind onlookers of the sky and sea, which is why it provides instant relief from the constant stress from life. Blue is probably the most popular bathroom color out there due to its calming effect. If you want peace and quiet, a pale, soft shade of blue like PPG’s Winter’s Breath is the perfect shade for your bathroom.   

Choosing to paint your bathroom a neutral shade like Copa Coffee by PPG gives you a realm of possibilities for accents. The soft brown hue can make the space feel luxurious and serene. Not to mention when paired with white, the room instantly feels clean and inviting. If you want to add some color to the bathroom, try pastel blues, pinks, and greens.  

A Dark and Dramatic Bedroom Color  

Not so long ago, a grey bedroom was out of the question. Grey had a negative connotation of being grim, but today, grey is the trendiest neutral color! Its neutrality creates the backdrop of your choosing for your bedroom.  

For a cheery bedroom scheme, accent a light grey hue with a bright yellow.  If you want something timeless and classic, pair PPG’s earthy shade, Black Elegancewith white, and your room will feel peaceful, clean, and modern.  

Whether your style is classic, modern, farmhouse, or eclectic, there’s a perfect winter color for you! If you need interior painting this winter, let J. Stevens Painting take care of you. Give us a call at 770-365-6889 to get started on your next project.  

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