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Winter Weather Damage

Professional Painters in Atlanta | J Stevens PaintingThis winter has been one of the coldest and snowiest winters in many years. Even though the snow is gone and the weather maybe starting to turn, this doesn’t mean that your house was totally unharmed. Winter weather can cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. Water from leaks in the ceiling can cause rot and mildew that can lead to costly clean up in the future, while wind and ice can chip away at your homes exterior. Proper maintenance of your home can save you from the stress and high costs associated with these winter weather related problems.
The quality of paint that you use on your home doesn’t only affect the way your home looks. Paint is the first layer of defense against the winter elements that can cause damage to your home. If the exterior of your home was painted with low quality paint the winter weather may have caused the paint to chip and peal. The temperature going back and forth between freezing and not freezing mixed with the wind and rain can cause this damage to low quality outdoor paint. Without the protection of the paint your home is much more vulnerable to damage such as rot or mold. At J Stevens, we use the high quality paint, Super Paint by Sherwin- Williams that will properly protect your home’s exterior for many winters.

Not only the exterior of your home can be damaged in the winter months. A USDA study shows, that a family of 4 creates up to 3 gallons of water vapor per day by bathing, cooking, and being in the house. In winter months when there is limited ventilation due to the cold temperature, this water vapor becomes trapped in your homes interior. ThHome Painting Company | J Stevens Paintinge water vapor can ruin your homes interior paint and also cause rot and mold to grow. By using Duration Home by Sherwin Williams, we at J Stevens make sure your homes interior paint will hold up all winter and protect against rot and mold.
Just because the winter may be over does not mean that you should forget about taking care of your home. Problems that form in the winter months can spread if not looked into during the spring and summer. Also, properly painting your home with high quality paint in the warmer months will guaranty a well protected home for the winter.

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