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Which Paint Colors Can Help You Sell Your House?

If you are planning to sell your house, then your goal should be to make it appear as beautiful as possible to potential buyers.  The exterior paint color of your house helps create the first impression which can later play a huge role in the final decision making for buyers. Before you put your house on the market, you should consider repainting the exterior with a color that would impress everyone.

The best paint colors that can help increase the value of your house include:

1. Off-White

There is something very elegant about an off-white house. It is not showy and appears graceful instead. Off-white is a traditional favorite in the real estate market which makes it a safe choice. As you’ll see with many of these suggestions, that off-whites and grays are very popular.   That’s true whether you’re getting your home painted in Canton or Atlanta. However, make sure that you provide some contrast to the off-white, or it might end up looking dull. You can paint the shutters or your entryway a contrasting shade.

2. Light Blue

Yet another one on Sherwin Williams most popular list.  Different shades of blue like light blue and powder blue look beautiful on a house. Their combination with a deep aqua will make the house stand out to buyers. No matter where you stay, the blue color will fit right in. It also helps to enhance some of the architectural elements so that your house looks more defined and sharp.

3. Light yellow

Usually, paler colors get more positive responses from potential buyers. If you want your house to have a happy and cheerful vibe, then you cannot go wrong with a light yellow. Not only does the house look beautifully vibrant under the Sun, but the color also appeals to most people. Make sure that you do not choose a very bright shade of yellow.

4. Gray

Gray may not be the most conventional choice when it comes to exterior paint colors, but it can be used to create some amazing color schemes. Combining with shades of white and chocolate brown can lead to an edgy look that will make your house unique. It will make for a compelling sight that buyers will love.

5. Putty

The natural color trend has taken over the real estate community, and more people are preferring lighter colors that blend in with Nature over dark shades that stand out when it comes to their house. Putty has become a popular color as an exterior paint choice. It can be combined with shades of brown and grey to create an interesting design.

6. Blue Gray

Blue-grey is a color reminiscent of steely shades that give out a nautical vibe. It is the color of the sea when the sky is stormy. Blue-gray has become a popular choice among buyers because they like how unique it looks. Combining with white shutters or doors can enhance the feeling of serenity exuded by a house.

7. Taupe

2018 saw the birth of the natural trend, and it looks as if the trend will stick around for a few more years. Classic neutrals can make houses look elegant and somber. Applying taupe colors to your house is a great way of making your house appears refined and more expensive than it actually is. They can be combined with browns and creams for more depth.

8. Wheat

If you do not want to just off-white, but neither are you willing to choose yellow, then you should use a color in between like wheat. This buttery warm color will make your house seem welcoming and friendly which can be a huge plus when it comes to pleasing buyers. You can contrast the color with some brown and steel shades.

9. White

You cannot go wrong with a classic white house. It is an American icon and holds immense appeal. The charm is not likely to fade away anytime soon. You can go for a milky white and pair it with some blue hues to accent the higher points of the house. Or, you can for a white that has rosy or yellow undertones for just that subtle hint of color.

10. Cypress Green

No, you do not have to make your house bright green under any circumstance. Cypress green is a pleasant combination of green and grey that works very well irrespective of where you stay. You can pair it with darker colors like black and dark brown.

11. Lighthouse Red

Before you skip this one, this color is very similar to brick, but not so red your home looks like a barn.   A lovely, muted red can work wonders on how your house looks to other people. It is traditional but feels very modern at the same time because of the choice of color. Red will stand out against any background.

12. Sable Brown

A dark sable brown can give your house that extra bit of sophistication. You can provide great contrast by painting your shutters in hues of reds, blacks, or blues.
Painting the exterior of your house is an investment that will definitely pay off in the long run.

If you’re looking to do more than just a simple pressure wash.  Give us a call!  We’re happy to help you coordinate the colors to prepare your home to sell!

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