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When is the Best Time for Interior Painting?

Cooler temperatures put a hold on outdoor remodeling activities, but winter is the best time for interior painting. In fact, extremely cold or snowy days are great times to stay inside and knock out a painting project. With your heater in full gear, your warm home is the perfect environment for quick drying. 

Once you choose your color, call a painting contractor in Alpharetta to get the job rolling. Here are three reasons to get started with interior painting this winter season.  

Save Some Bucks and Budget Better 

Most homeowners hire painting contractors in the summer time, but this is when painters are busiest and more expensive. Since winter months are slower for contractors, they’re more likely to give you a much cheaper bid for your project.  

The winter months restrict your ability to complete outdoor projects. You don’t garden or do deck repairs in these bitter temperatures. You save them for summer months! The same should go for painting in the winter. Keep this project on your list of winter to-dos.  

By getting these interior painting projects done during the wintertime, you’ll have more time and money over the summer to do outdoor projects.  

Cooler Temperatures for Faster Drying 

Because summer months bring humidity, it increases the necessary time paint needs to dry properly. Extended drying times will delay your project. In the winter, you could open a window to let the cool, dry, winter air in to cure the paint.  

Want to speed up the drying process even more? When you purchase your paint, get paint and primer that are 100% acrylic products. Because of its dual purposes, you get to apply fewer coats. Plus, this 2-in-1 product helps to hide the old color and add a beautiful new shade to the walls.  

Better Natural Lighting  

Good lighting is crucial when painting indoors.  It not only makes the project easier, but it also speeds up the process. When there is snow on the ground, the light reflects off the snow and offers beautiful, natural light to aid your interior painting projects. Open your blinds to utilize natural light to see which areas are different shades. A quick glimpse can show you where to touch up.  

The natural lighting is different in the winter because the sun rises a little higher during the winter months, giving off more natural light. This is the perfect aid for perfect painting projects!  

Are you in need of interior painting? Look no further than J. Stevens for all your painting projects. We have nearly 20 years of interior painting that homeowners across Atlanta trust. For your next interior painting job, give J. Stevens a call at 770-365-6889 

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