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When is Exterior Painting Season in Acworth, GA?

The weather in all parts of the state of Georgia can be described as temperamental at best, downright unpredictable at worst. This is especially true of the areas in and around Metro Atlanta, including Acworth. 

All of this uncertainty about the weather can make it difficult to decide when to take on big outdoor projects, like painting the exterior of your home. However, there is an ideal season for exterior house painting in Acworth, GA and the answer may surprise you.

It’s Not Summer

In many states, the ideal season to paint outside is the summer. The combination of heat, dry air and bright sunlight all come together to ensure that paint dries quickly and smoothly. In Georgia, summer is a different creature entirely. Punishingly hot days combined with months of nearly 100 percent humidity mean that paint often either dries too fast or too slow, ruining the finish.

It’s Not Winter

Even in Georgia, with its characteristically mild winters, exterior painting is not recommended between the months of December and February. Our days may hover far above the 35 degree cut off for specialty winter paints, but the temperature often plummets well below freezing at night, causing paint to dry unevenly or not at all.

And No, It’s Not Spring

Yes, spring in Georgia means lovely mild temperatures both day and night, but it also means rain and massive amounts of pollen. Both of these will ruin the finish of your paint. The pollen will cling to it, damaging the color and texture. The rain will cause it to dry more slowly, bubble in places and eventually crack and peel.

The Best Time for Exterior House Painting in Georgia

Surprise! It’s Fall!

That’s right, the best season for exterior painting in Acworth is the fall. Mild temperatures, reduced humidity and minimal pollen mean that your exterior paint finish is much more likely to dry in the suggested amount of time and retain the finish you expect.

However, bear in mind that any stretch of mild and dry days long enough to complete your exterior painting project is a good time to paint. Fall just happens to be the season in Georgia with the most prime painting days. The real trick is making sure your exterior painting project is completed on time. Otherwise you risk ruining all of your hard work and wasting your hard earned money.

Trust the Experts

If you want to feel truly confident that your exterior painting project will be completed on time and achieve the exact finish you want, contact the pros at J. Stevens Painting. Our team of experienced painting professionals has the skills to identify the best times of the year to paint your home. You can also count on them to prep, paint and protect your home using the best products and techniques available, ensuring a truly beautiful exterior that will last for many years to come.

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