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What Warm Weather Means for Your House Painting Project

Warm weather in Atlanta is a welcome change after a chilly winter. With spring in bloom, Atlanta residents look forward to weekend cookouts and gathering with family and friends in their backyards. If you’re thinking about readying your home for your guests, you may want to refresh the look of your house’s exterior. A paint job may be in order but is warm weather the best time for painting a house?

Paint, like pieces of a puzzle, has to coalesce or fit together in order to produce a flawless look on the exterior walls of your house. However, since Georgia is located in a subtropical temperate zone, choosing the best time for house painting can be tricky.

With temperatures rising in the metro Atlanta area, it’s a great time to contact an Atlanta painting company to find out the right weather for this home improvement project.  A professional painter will have the experience you need schedule house painting at the ideal time.

How Weather Affects Exterior House Painting

Any experienced Atlanta painting company should understand the way our climate affects an exterior painting project. Many paint manufacturers suggest temperatures above 60° F when using a latex-based paint in order for the product to cure properly.  In Atlanta, our average summertime temperatures reach can reach near 90° F.

However, the challenge with painting the exterior of your home in summer is not the daytime high temperature. It’s the humidity. The climate in Atlanta is extremely humid in summer. Humidity at times makes it feel worse for us and can affect how paint adheres to the walls of your house.

Cooler evening temperatures during warm weather seasons can also affect paint. During the summer, daytime high temperatures in metro Atlanta can drop more than 30° by sunset.  This dramatic temperature drop can cause dew to form on almost everything as soon as the sun goes down. The temperature needs to remain above the dew point for at least 48 hours after the paint is applied.

What’s the Best Time to Schedule House Painting?

Atlanta’s challenging climate shouldn’t get in the way of painting your home and with the right painter, it won’t. The experts at J. Stevens Painting have been serving the greater Atlanta area for 20 years and have proven they can handle all types of paint jobs whatever the weather.

J. Stevens Painting takes the time to meet with you, provide with you a detailed estimate and schedule your house painting at a time when the weather is ideal for bringing out the beauty of your home.

We’re ready when you are to get started with your house painting project. Contact J. Stevens Painting today at 770-365-6889.


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