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What Type of Interior Paint Should I Use In My Master Bedroom?

One of the biggest interior décor decisions you’ll make is choosing a paint color scheme for your home. Though picking the best palette for each individual room is important in its own right, the room that matters most is your own – the master bedroom. Partnering with an Atlanta painting company will ensure that your home improvement project is a success.

Playing with thousands of colors and scores of accents, finishes, and textures offers you the opportunity to let your personality shine. A master bedroom is one of the most personal, private spaces inside a home, so making it a place that embodies everything you love is one of the best ways to make it a spot you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Start With The Basics: Pick The Right Sheen

Before going color-crazy, there are a few things you need to think about regarding the look and feel of your future dream master-suite. There are several different paint sheens you can choose, ranging from completely flat to high gloss. Interior design experts say that the best finish for bedrooms is usually a flat, matte, or eggshell finish.

Flat sheen paint has no shine to it at all. It’s a good choice if you want to hide imperfections with a nice, smooth finish, but it can be more difficult to clean than other glossier options.

Matte has just a tinge more gloss to it than a flat paint does. It is a reflective finish that works great in bedrooms because of its durability. It’s also easy to clean and touch up, so even if tiny fingers find their way to your bedroom walls to create a Crayola masterpiece, you won’t have to worry about the clean up afterward.

Out of the three listed here, eggshell has the brightest shine. This finish can lend a sense of elegance and finery to your bedroom, and has a much softer, more luscious appearance than the former two. Eggshell also has a deeper, warmer appearance than flatter finishes, and is more easily washable than a flat or matte paint.

Stick with Blue Hues and Steer Clear of Stimulation

Multiple studies have shown that on the whole, Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. There are a variety of factors that contribute to this, from consuming too much caffeine during the day to using electronic devices right before bedtime.

One thing you can do to ensure you get a good night’s sleep is to pick a wall color that is associated with feelings of calm and relaxation. Blue tones are universally some of the most popular bedroom colors for this reason. Hues of blue are psychologically associated with things like the beach and blue skies, which are some of the most relaxing places to be.

A study done by Travelodge showed that people who sleep in rooms with blue tones get the most, as well as the best quality sleep; this was followed by light yellows and soothing greens. You’ll want to steer clear of any red tones, though. Because red is a stimulating color, it’s great if you want to get up and get going – but not if you want to get some sleep. So to design your master bedroom as a space for relaxation, stick to blues, yellows and greens and you’ll be on your way to better sleep in no time.

Partner With Professional Painters Who Care

Picking the right sheens and colors for your master bedroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. J. Stevens Painting has a team of enthusiastic contractors and paint specialists who live to bring your dream colors to life. Contact us today at 770-365-6889 and we’ll get started on your free estimate.

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