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What House Colors are Recommended by Painters in Canton, GA

The change in season usually brings a desire to spruce up décor that you’ve stared at all winter long. Longer days and warmer weather energizes creativity and the inspiration to redecorate. Any painter in Canton, GA you hire should have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in paint colors. Here are some trends you can use refresh the look of your home

Chill Out with these Trendy Shades

Colors communicate a lot about who we are and can affect the mood of the room. Consider the feeling you want to evoke each time you walk into a room. This year, many painters are recommending neutral shades of gray and beige in addition to traditional stress-relieving colors like blue and green.

Blue is known for reducing blood pressure and slowing both your breathing and heart rate. Green also promotes tranqulity and relaxation. This makes blue and green ideal for bedrooms. Do you have a home office? The right shade of blue can help you increase your productivity. Check out trending colors like Kind Green and Aleutian.

Make Everyone See Red

Whether your favorite color is bright pink or bold crimson, this year’s reds have something for everyone. These colors are great for the rooms in your house that host social gatherings. That’s because red heightens the the energy level in a room.

If you want to ignite a good conversation or encourage socializing in your dining room or living room, tell your painter to show you the red. Trending colors in this group include Memorable Rose and Juneberry.

Welcome Warm Weather with Yellow

Looking to add some cheer to your kitchen or dining room? If you’re planning an interior painting project, try some of the new yellows trending in 2016 like Friendly Yellow.

Yellow communicates warmth and welcoming. Many painters recommend yellow as an accent color but it can also work well in bathrooms, hallways and entryways. Yellow also make small rooms seem more spacious and inviting.

Can a Professional Painter Help You Choose the Season’s Latest Colors?

It’s been said that variety is the spice of life and spring is a great time change the status quo at your home. The team at J. Stevens Painting has the skills and experience to refresh the look of your entire home or just a specific room. To us, there is no such thing as a small job.

Our goal is not only to paint your house but to be partners with you in beautifying your home. Our professional painters are ready to move you from your winter décor to a lively look just in time for warmer weather. Contact J. Stevens Painting today at 770-365-6889 for a free estimate.

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