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What Colors Will 2017 Bring to Alpharetta Homes?

Did you know that key players in the paint industry forecast which colors will be popular in the upcoming year? Knowing what they are will keep your Alpharetta home right on the cutting edge of where color is trending, which adds style and value to your home. You’ll want to pay attention to these Sherwin-Williams paint colors when you are thinking of updating the rooms in your home, and use them when you hire a painting contractor in Alpharetta this year.

Color of the Year

First, take a look at what Sherwin-Williams has determined is the color of the year — Poised Taupe. Think of it as a neutral gray with brown added in to give a bit of warmth. Here’s how they describe it: “This timeless neutral is modern, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool.”

Poised Taupe adds warmth to any room, and can be used as a stand-alone color or paired in a color palette to create depth and intrigue. While Poised Taupe is defined as Color of the Year, Sherwin-Williams has listed other colors to be trendsetters in 2017.

Colors that Recharge

The noir color palette is reflective of the night sky, creating dark-hued refuge to contrast the lights and brightness of day-to-day life. If you’re wary of painting a room a darker color, like the deep blue Anchors Away, create balance with a lighter or warm-toned accent color. Poised Taupe is in the noir collection, as is mustard-yellow Alchemy and soft-blue Icelandic.

Wholesome Colors

The holistic color palette is defined by cool neutrals, blushing pinks, and earthy browns. It’s a luxurious set of wholesome colors that will make any room feel like a beautiful vacation retreat. Invigorate your room with icy blues like Mountain Air, Stardew, and Gale Force. Retreat to an island vacation with Coral Island, Casa Blanca, or Brandywine. Sheraton Sage and Deep Forest Brown will create an effect of bringing the outside in.

Express Yourself with Color

When painting your home, the colors you choose are a form of self-expression, and the intrepid color palette is a good place to start. Intrepid’s colors are bold, designed to stand out instead of fading into the walls. The warm tones in the color palette, like the sunny Rayo de Sol, add brightness and energy to any room. They are contrasted beautifully by vibrant cool tones like Dahlia, and soft grays and whites. Reinvent your room by mixing and contrasting bold, vibrant paint colors.

Boundless Color

Are you a global traveler or thinker unbounded by countries or borders? Make your house fit into your lifestyle with the unbounded color palette. These colors take your mind to the next destination with ocean blues like Adriatic Sea and Freshwater. A dark gray like Sealskin, or a beige like Tres Naturale can set you on a journey to a distant shore. Accent with bold, vibrant colors like Bee and Coral Reef to add intrigue to any room.

This coming year, dream of what 2017 can bring to your home with new, invigorating paint colors. Then, hire J Stevens Painting to do a quality job that makes the colors you pick pop. J Stevens uses only the highest-quality paint from Sherwin-Williams and Porter so that your paint job will last. We offer competitive pricing and free estimates to make the process easier.

Give J Stevens a call today, and start the process of updating your home.

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