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Trending Colors for 2018

Every era brings a different color schemes. From the 1880s representing grand and glamour, to the 1970s feeling earthy and organic, popular paint colors are continuously changing. However, 2018 calls for a new color scheme, which brings an exciting new personality.  

This new year brings unique Pantone hues that can be appealing to a variety of homeowners. There are only a few Atlanta painting companies who are the know about these trends who could make your home feel like new. 

If you want a modern feel throughout your home in 2018, read about these trending colors.  

Color Trends of the Past 

Colors of the past can tell a story and influence what is to come. These historic Pantone colors play a role in the 2018 trending colors: 

1890: During the age of innovation, homes were painted with colors of mauve and cobalt blue. These were the colors that represented change and transformation. 

1910: The years of WWI and the age of working women combined rich tones such as pomegranate and clay. 

1920: The roaring 20s with flapper dresses and Jazz contained the colors of tranquility, expressed through colors like light blue and lavenders.  

1960: The Civil Rights movements contained a more youthful scheme of cold and psychedelic colors like pink and lime green. 

2000: This serves as the era of social networking and technology, economic ups and downs, and the rebirth of color into the household. Colors that represented this movement included greys, beiges, and the new combination—“greige”.  

2018 Palettes and Colors 

There are several different palettes this coming this year that can be adopted throughout the home. Here are some Sherwin Williams colors to get you thinking! 

Opposites Attract 

A palette that combines the two opposite tones of cold and warm. This represents colors from their Mineral Up grey for cabinets to a chocolate, earthy Smokehouse for the surrounding walls.  


Perfect for living room walls, this palette resembles vegetation with Verdant green combined with Radish ruby red. This scheme fits the eco-friendly environment that celebrates a sense of life.  


This is color scheme will take you way back. It includes the soft colors of Jaipur Pink and Hep Green. Inspire your inner kid with a scheme youthfulness and happiness. To offset the brightness, use neutral accessories and low lighting. 


This powerful palette represents a serious, strong personality and includes the colors of Goldfinch Yellow and Real Red. You’ll get a sense of responsibility and caution with these hues. Just be sure to complement this harsh palette with softer accents.  


Are you a hopeless romantic? This love-filled palette embraces rosy and earthy tones. This scheme includes colors like Loveable Pink and Certain Peach and pairs great with rose gold accents.  

Stay updated with the latest colors and let us take care of the dirty work. J Stevens Painting will go the extra mile to cause minimal distraction for your family and take care of every detail, even providing our own drop cloths and furniture covers. To learn more about our services, or schedule a free estimate, contacts us or call (770)365-6889 today.  

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