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Top 5 Exterior Paint Colors this Spring | J Stevens Painting

Top 5 Exterior Paint Colors this Spring

Is your home in need of a facelift this spring? A fresh coat of paint is great for instant curb appeal. Your home is an extension of you, so let your style be reflected outside.

What shades are you considering? Dark primary hues have become a thing of the past. Currently, people are converting to cool colors and soft neutrals. Choose your spring color, then give an Atlanta painting contractor a call to take care of your next painting project.

Read on for the top five exterior paint colors this spring.

Rich Greens are the Current Trend for Exterior Home Painting

PPG colors Mint Leaves and Edamame have recently become two of the most popular shades of green. They’re rich in nature, and allow a home’s architecture to really shine. These natural shades evoke a “homey” feel for onlookers, whether they live there or are just visiting. Pair it with dark brown shutters and a light tan trim and your home is sure to stand out.

Painting the Exterior of Your Home Sky Blue

Light-blue hues are light enough that they won’t absorb heat from the sun or fade too quickly. Keepsakes by PPG evokes brightness and light that can make your home feel larger. Dark gray shutters are the perfect complement to this shade.

A Light Pop of Yellow Will Make Your Home Stand Out

When guests pull up to your home and see PPG’s Barely Buttery shade of yellow, they’ll instantly feel at home. To add some contrast, paint your shutters black and your trim white. Avoid bright shades of yellow since they can be overpowering.

Gray is Trending as an Exterior Paint Color

White, black, and brown are neutrals of the past. Gray is the new trendy neutral! It can go two ways: It can make the exterior of your home look polished and sophisticated, or it can highlight your home’s unique architecture. A charcoal shade like Knight’s Armor by PPG is timeless but bold.

Increase Buying Potential with White Paint and a Pop of Color

You can’t go wrong with white. If you go this route, consider adding pops of color to cater to different home buyers’ tastes. Make your front door a focal point with either a red shade of PPG’s Wet Coral, or PPG’s take on blue, Tropical Splash.

If you’re looking for an Atlanta painting contractor to give your home a new spring shade, look no further than J. Stevens. We are a full-service exterior paint contractor that serves the metro-Atlanta area. We always go the extra mile for our customers to ensure there is minimal disruption to your home. Not only will we complete your project on time, but it will also be done beautifully by top-of-the line paints, stains, and caulks. Call 770-365-6889 today for a free estimate!

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