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Top 15 Neutral Paint Colors for a Farmhouse Color Scheme

It can be overwhelming to walk into your local home improvement store and attempt to choose the perfect color for your home. You pick out what you think is the perfect gray, and then you put it next to a lighter shade and realize that it has a blue undertone. Before you know it, you’re face to face with thirty different shades of one color, and they all look the same. If you aren’t up for the daunting task of painting your home, then hire a painting contractor in Alpharetta so you can enjoy the transformation without the headache!

Do you love the farmhouse theme that’s trending in home décor? We’ve put together this list of fifteen beautiful, neutral paint colors by Sherwin Williams to help you achieve this look.  


Pure White – 7005

A staple that has one drop of warmth in it. The hint of warmth makes it not feel sterile. If you’re looking for a crispy, clean look, then this is the color for you!

Alabaster– 7008   

Winning color of the year in 2017, Alabaster adds warmth to your home making it soft, but not overly creamy. It works on trims and doors, but just as perfectly on the walls as well.

Snowbound – 7004

This color has a gray tint to it, so it keeps your home looking crispy and cool. Pair with dark colored decorations for a beautiful contrast that will pop.

Oyster White – 7637

Steer clear of stark white with this darker shade of white. It’s a creamy greige with a touch of warmth.


Repose Gray– 7015

Looking for the perfect amount of gray and beige? Look no further than Repose Gray. It adds the perfect amount of gray and works in every room.

Light French Gray – 0055

This is a light to mid-toned shade that is great for a neutral foundation for any room. 

Mindful Gray – 7016

A great all-around color for your walls is Mindful Gray. There are no strong undertones like other shades. Based off your home’s lighting, the walls can either appear lighter or darker in every room.

Passive – 7064

One of the most popular go-to lighter grays is Passive! It has a silver hue to it, which can appear like an icy blue in certain light. If you’re looking for a really light gray with a hint of blue, then this is the color for you.


Accessible Beige – 7036

What a lovely blend of beige and gray with a soft and subtle taupe base. It’s a great tone for a north and south facing room because it won’t look too heavy. 

Dover White – 6385

To give your room a fresh and cozy feel, try Dover White – a hue with a butternut touch. Mix in some bright whites for a monochromatic scheme for a farmhouse feel.


Sea Salt – 6204

Sea Salt is a great choice for a bedroom or bathroom because of its calming effect. It looks great with shades of gray and white.

Hinting Blue – 6519

A blue-tinged white, Hinting Blue is a cool neutral with blue and green undertones. Decorate with accents that will bring out the blue undertones in the white paint.

Deep Hues

Iron Ore – 7069

One of Sherwin’s Williams most popular darker tones is Iron Ore. Choose this paint if you want a deep charcoal gray for a stark contrast wall.

Outerspace – 6251

A darker hue like Outerspace should be a front runner when selecting a color for your home office. It will make everything in the room come alive from floor to ceiling. The paint makes it feel cozy, yet professional.

Gauntlet Gray – 7019

Searching for a deep gray that’s not too dark? Gauntlet Gray is it! It’s not too dark due to the fact that it has brown, rather than black, undertones. It’s a perfect color for an accent wall or in a room with a lot of natural light.

Use this as a guide to help you make a decision about picking the right farmhouse color for your home. For a paint job that will be stress-free and give your home a much-needed facelift, hire J. Stevens Painting. We have been transforming homes in Alpharetta for the past twenty years. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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