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Tips for Painting an Accent Wall

Is there a room in your home that could use a facelift, but you don’t have a lot of time and money? Painting is an inexpensive way to make a great impact in a room. If you’re looking to add a little flair, you might consider painting an accent wall.  

Where do you begin? Either choose a different shade of the room’s current color or select an entirely different shade. It will add visual interest to a space that has become stale. After you make the following two decisions, call a Woodstock house painter to get started.  

Pick Your Canvas 

First, pick the wall you want to paint. Scan the room in question, and see if there is an area that your eyes are naturally drawn to. If so, you’ve found your focal point! If you’re struggling to pick one, choose a wall that has some architectural details, like a built-in bookshelf or a fireplace.   

You can paint an accent wall even within a large, open-concept living room. Do you have a group of framed artwork or furniture you want to highlight? Paint the wall where these items are displayed to tie the room together. 

Your living room isn’t the only place in the house where you can paint an accent wall. Venture to the bedroom! The wall that backs up to your headboard is a great place for a touch of color. Another space with paint job potential is low ceilings. The right hue can help give the impression that the ceiling is higher.  

The Right Paint Color Is Key  

You can choose a color a couple shades darker than the other walls, or you can be bold and pick a bright color. Each hue comes in a paint spectrum made up of multiple colors. For example, blue can come in similar shades with a touch of grey, green, yellow, or even red in it. Here are some tips for selecting paint colors for the different rooms.  

  • When choosing a color, pick one that anchors or defines a separate area, but also stays in line with the overall look of the room. 
  • You can make a small bedroom seem larger by painting cool colors on an end wall or side wall.   
  • Warm colors like orange, yellow, and red make the space feel smaller. Consider these paint colors in a long, narrow, or wide room.   

With so many options, choosing the perfect color for the accent wall can be daunting task. Take advantage of the small paint swatches that most home improvement stores offer. You may find a sage green that you love, but when you get home, it looks more like a seafoam.  Buying samples can give you an idea of what the wall will look like without spending money on a gallon of paint. 

J Stevens Painting will go the extra mile to cause minimal distraction for your family and take care of every detail, even providing our own drop cloths and furniture covers. To learn more about our services, or schedule a free estimate, contact us or call at 770-365-6889 today.   

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