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Tips for Getting the Best Exterior Paint Job For Your Home

The exterior of your home in Milton is visible for all to see. Both neighbors and passersby build a perception of you based on the outside appearance of your home.

The exterior of your home also has to stand up to harsh weather elements that affect the greater Atlanta area. Therefore, the quality of the exterior paint job performed on your house is very important.

Here are some tips for getting the best exterior paint job for Milton homeowners:

Exterior Painting for Your Home

There are two types of paints used for exterior house painting: water-based latex and oil-based alkyd. Many homeowners choose water-based latex paints because they’re easy to clean up and don’t emit any harsh odors. However, they’re not as durable when faced with extreme weather conditions.

If you choose latex paint and apply it over an existing alkyd paint, you must first prime your exterior surface to ensure the topcoat will hold to the surface.

To reduce the chance of any inconsistencies on the exterior of your home, prepping before you paint is always necessary. For new paint to stick to your home’s exterior surface, you must remove any and all dirt, mildew, algae and other residue. Homeowners can pressure wash the exterior of their homes before applying paint or clean the surface by hand.

All holes should be caulked and sanded down, and any exposed nailheads should be removed or hammered down. Painting over old paint isn’t as big of a worry as long as it’s in good condition. If there are any spots visible to the eye that look inconsistent, be sure to sand those down.

The age old question on whether a brush or roller is more effective comes down to a tie. Both are effective at different tasks. The quickest way to apply paint is with a roller where you can cover a larger space with one or two rolls. Brush paint onto the narrow surfaces, edges and smaller areas that rollers cannot reach.

You can paint your home yourself or you can hire an expert Milton painting contractor. J. Stevens Painting takes the stress and hassle off of your hands by providing professional quality painting at a reasonable price.
For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call J. Stevens Painting today at (770) 365-6889.

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