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Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Interior Paint Sheen for Your Woodstock Home

Whether you are doing a makeover on one room or picking out colors for your whole house, a new coat of paint can create a fresh feeling no matter what color you choose.

But even more important than the color choice is the type of paint sheen you’ll use for each room. With multiple different sheens to choose from, finding the right one can feel a bit overwhelming. Picking out the best sheen doesn’t have to be stressful. A group of experienced Woodstock house painters can help you every step of the way.

So how do the professionals know which sheen fits each room the best?

Picking Your Paint Sheen

There are generally six different kinds of paint sheens, ranging from completely flat to high gloss. These six paint sheens are:

  • Flat
  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Pearl/Satin
  • Semi-Gloss/Low-Luster
  • High-Gloss/Medium-Luster

Every room in your house is different, requiring a unique finish depending on what the room is used for. Just like you carefully select the color theme for each room, the sheen should also be carefully selected. The purpose of the room such as cooking, bathing, sleeping or playing will affect your choice of paint sheen.

Breaking it Down, Starting with the Bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms, the most common sheens the experts use are flat, matte and eggshell.

When choosing the sheen for a young child’s bedroom, you’ll want to think about any potential future “creative endeavors” your child might try to use his or her bedroom wall for. Sometimes a bedroom wall can seem like a blank canvas for their artistic expression – so you’ll want to make sure that the paint finish you choose will allow you to cover up these masterpieces without too much hassle.

For this purpose, flat paint sheens are a good choice. They have a non-reflective finish that can be quickly touched up to cover minor blemishes or imperfections fairly easily. A matte paint is similar to flat and is also an ideal choice for any bedroom. Matte has a slightly reflective finish and hides imperfections as well.

If you’re interested in a shinier look for your bedroom, then eggshell is the way to go. With a more reflective appearance that looks soft, this sheen is great if you’re looking to brighten up your master bedroom. If you want a finish that will play with the natural lighting in your room or make your space look a bit more glamorous, eggshell is the one for you.

Choosing a Sheen for a Higher Traffic Area

There are three other styles that are more suitable for the higher traffic areas in your home, such as living rooms, playrooms, and kitchens.

In order for the paint in your kitchen to withstand the hustle and bustle of food prep, you’ll need a much higher sheen than you would use for a bedroom surface. Both pearl (sometimes referred to as “satin”) and semi-gloss enamels are a great choice for kitchens. The heat produced by things like ovens and stovetops creates a significant amount of moisture, so you’ll need a paint sheen that doesn’t incur damage because of this. This is the perfect job for a pearl or semi-gloss finish.

Pearl and semi-gloss finishes are also great for areas where a lot of activity occurs, like living rooms or children’s playrooms. Because of the glossier appearance these sheens have, it’s significantly easier to clean and maintain.

The shiniest paint finish is called hi-gloss enamel. This is primarily use to give doors, cabinets, trim, and other often-used surfaces a glass-like appearance. Because these surfaces are likely used every single day, they accumulate dirt and grime much more quickly than other surfaces do. That’s why it’s ideal to have a high-gloss finish that makes cleaning a simple process.

How Can an Expert Help You?

J. Stevens Painting specializes in helping you decide on the best colors and finishes for each room in your home. We take pride in providing exceptional service and are committed to making your home a haven for you and your family. To get your free estimate, don’t wait – contact J. Stevens Painting today and let’s get started!


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