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Tipping 101: Should I Tip My Atlanta House Painter?

Tipping Your House Painter | J. Stevens Painting The art of tipping has been passionately debated over the years and tipping or gratuity has slowly evolved into a much larger topic, especially when it comes to those working in the service industry.

For painters, tipping shows the customer’s appreciation of a job well done but many house painters don’t truly believe tipping is appropriate for their field of work. Some painters may factor their tips into the overall payment of their service.

So homeowners in the Atlanta area might ask, “Should I tip the painting contractor?”

Knowing the fundamentals of tipping will help you determine the appropriate action when you’re deciding to leave a tip or not.

Tipping Guidelines

According to tipping experts, the standard amount to tip service professionals is 15 to 20 percent.

When it comes to painters who normally charge hundreds of dollars for their services, 15 to 20 percent of that total amount can add up. Most of the time, the amount you tip should reflect on the quality of service offered, not the percentage of the final bill. It’s completely up to you to determine which approach you would like to take when tipping service professionals.

On the flip side, tipping isn’t always appropriate. Many contractors prohibit their painters from receiving tips from clients. These guidelines are specifically written in employee contracts and could be grounds for termination if those guidelines are broken. It’s always important to ask a contractor up front if tipping is acceptable for the services offered.

In certain cases, painter’s work might not meet your standards of what you expected the final product to be, or the worker really never did the work efficiently enough. If you feel unsatisfied with the work provided, you have the right to not tip your painter.

Reward Hard Work

Tips don’t always have to be in the form of money but can simply be an ice-cold beverage or a cool place to rest while your painter is on his or her break. Many homeowners provide meals and even places for their painters to nap in order to make up for a monetary tip.

Tipping is a thank you for the hard work provided in order to make your life a little easier, so tip accordingly and let your painter know that you’re appreciative of the service provided.

Looking for a reliable painting contractor in the Atlanta area? Call J. Stevens Painting at (770) 365-6889!

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