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The Best Paint Colors for Making a Room Look Bigger

Take a good look at the rooms in your home. Their size isn’t just defined by square footage — it’s also a matter of perception. Many homeowners choose paint colors based on personal preference or what seems easiest to maintain, not realizing that the color of your walls influence how cramped or spacious the room feels.

Discover what the best paint colors are for making a room look bigger, and then find an experienced painting contractor in Alpharetta to help enhance the size of your living space.

Choose Neutrals and Light Paint Colors to Enlarge Your Room

Neutral paint colors are a popular, classic choice for small spaces. Unlike white, a calming, light shade of grey will expand a room without casting a glare. Neutral and cool color tones that are soft and lightly tinted visually recede, making the room seem larger. Light colors on walls also maximize natural and artificial light by reflecting it back into the room.

Swirling Smoke is calming, and Stonehenge Greige expands a room with modern flair. A room with a lot of windows will pair well with Alabaster, while the vibrancy of Hazel naturally brightens a small room.

Select Bold Paint Colors Supported by Neutrals for a Spacious Look

A bold accent wall color creates an optical illusion that makes rooms seem more spacious. The trick is making sure you balance out a saturated hue with a softer neutral so that the bold color doesn’t overwhelm the room. A bright color like Intense Teal brings a room seaside, and is supported by the calming presence of a color like Canvas Tan.

Painting an accent wall in a dark shade like Black Forest visually pushes it back, expanding the sense of depth and space in the room. Dark colors recede while light colors like Simply Elegant advance, so mix and match both to maximize your living space.

Use a Monochromatic Paint Scheme to Add Depth to a Room

You can make a space look larger by painting the walls and trim different shades from the same color family. You can keep the colors neutral or go bold with statement colors, but the effect will be the same. Pairing Geyser and Colonial Aqua will make a room feel lighter and brighter. A combination of Escape Grey, Dovetail, and Black Fox will add depth and intrigue to the space.

Bring the Outdoors into Your Living Space with These Painting Tips

A windowed room can feel more spacious with color tones that reflect the outdoors. Nurture Green, Garden Spot, and Wright Spring Green all lend an eye to the greenery that surrounds your home, bringing a sense of space and romance to the room.

Cool, coastal colors also do well to expand living space while establishing a tranquil mood. Bermuda, Ocean Cruise, and Blue Willow are calming. Wheat Grass, Sea Salt, and Restful create a fresh and breezy space.

When choosing an Alpharetta house painter, look for one who understands the dynamic effect color choices have on the space and feel of your rooms. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on J. Stevens Painting to transform your rooms with stylish, beautiful, top-of-the-line paint color choices. Contact J. Stevens Painting today or call
(770) 365-6889 to get a free estimate on a painting project to make your home’s rooms look and feel larger.

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