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Your Home in the Summer Heat

House Paint and Summer HeatThe Georgia summer is hot! Even though it hasn’t gotten as hot as it has gotten in past years, this still doesn’t mean that the summer heat hasn’t already affected your home. The heat from the hot summer sun can cause significant peeling and cause paint colors to fade on both the interior and exterior paint of your home.

You can counteract this by using higher quality paint. The paint quality you use on your house doesn’t only affect the way your home looks, it also helps protects it. Paint is the first layer of defense against the southern hot sun. Georgia is known for its back-and-forth weather temperatures and this constant change, mixed with the wind and rain, can cause damage to homes that are painted with low quality paint. You put your home at risk to damage such as rot or mold when you don’t use quality paint on your home. At J Stevens, we paint with only the highest quality paint, like Super Paint by Sherwin- Williams. Paints like this will keep your home properly protected for many summers.

Just because the summer hasn’t really heated up does not mean that you should put off taking care of your house. Problems to your home’s paint that form due to the heat can spread and get worse if not addressed in a timely manner. Painting your home with high quality paint during the warmer months is ideal and will protect your home for years to come.

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