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Spruce Up Your Bathroom with These 3 House Painting Ideas

One of the best ways to give your bathroom a makeover is to dress it up in a fresh coat of paint. An experienced team of painters in Canton, Georgia can help you decide on the style, the finish, the texture, and most importantly, the color that is best for your specific room.

Your bathroom is one of the most versatile areas of your home. The variety of color choices and palettes can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom, so the possibilities for what you can accomplish are nearly endless.

Set Sail with Oceanic Blues

One of the most popular choices for a bathroom paint scheme is using hues of pastel blues and greens.

Lighter shades like Quench blue create a breezy, beach-like feel, while deeper shades like Adriatic Sea or Oceanside will make you want to sail the seven seas. The calming effect of the ocean-colored walls makes this palette is a long-time favorite of many homeowners and is a fun way to spruce up your bathroom.

Enjoy a Perennial Springtime with Softer Greens and Pastel Yellows

Do you ever wish that it could be springtime all year round? Or, do you wish you could always enjoy those beautiful bright green leaves without the inescapable Georgia pollen?

Springtime is often associated with the celebration of new life, so it’s no wonder why so many homeowners choose this color palette for their bathroom. Colors like Mint green or Venetian yellow evoke the feeling of a perennial springtime and will remind you of warm breezes and singing birds even in the dead of winter. Make your bathroom vibrant and full of life with these fresh shades.

Have Fun with Dimensions – Try a Textured Surface to Add Pizazz

Changing up the color of your walls isn’t the only way to add some flavor or personality to your bathroom. You can get creative and have your painter apply a textured surface to give your walls some dimension.

For example, you can try out the Skip Trowel technique on an accent wall behind your bathroom sink; this gives a distinct rustic appearance without being overpowering. If you’re going for more of a West Coast vibe, you’ll want to try the Santa Fe Texture style. Mixing it up with a colored and textured accent wall is another way to give your bathroom a new look without doing too much additional work.

Take the Step to A Transformed Bathroom

Whether you have a specific idea of what you want, or you have no idea where to start, teaming up with a group of creative and skilled contractors will help ensure that your dream bathroom becomes a reality. J. Stevens Painting has served the Atlanta area for more than 20 years and is ready to bring your ideas to life. To get your free estimate, contact us today at 770-365-6889 and let’s start making your dreams come true.


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