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Signs Your Deck Needs Repair 

Backyard parties center around a deck where everybody can gather and have a good time. A well-kept deck is important not only so that your home looks great, but also so that it is safe for everyone who walks on it.

The problem is that Georgia’s heat and humidity causes your deck to breakdown over time. The Autumn months are ideal for repairing your deck so that you and your guests can enjoy it when Spring arrives. Consider having an Atlanta Painting Company fix and seal your deck when you refresh your home with a new coat of paint.

If you see the following characteristics in your deck, it could indicate that your deck needs repair.

Look for Moisture Damage on Your Deck

At times the Georgia weather can feel a bit like a rain forest with all the rainfall we receive. If it’s been awhile since your deck has been sealed, then water starts to soak into the wood. If the wood doesn’t have time to dry out because of frequent rain storms or lots of shade, wood rot starts to occur. You can tell when this starts to happen because the wood starts to get a spongy feel to it, and moss takes over. Nails may start to pop out of the wood, too.

All wood is susceptible to rot and moisture absorption. A common misconception is that pressure treated wood doesn’t need to be sealed. Although a chemical compound protects the wood from termites and other pests, wood is still susceptible to damage from water absorption. Keep an eye on it for deterioration.

Watch Out for Sun Damage to Your Deck

Decks are exposed to 40 to 50 percent more direct sunlight than vertical surfaces. If your deck spends a lot of time in the baking sun, then it develops cracks and starts to warp as the sun dries it out.

Boards start to become loose as a result of this warping. As wood cracks, splinters start to form, causing hazards for bare feet. Water gets into the cracks of the boards when it rains, causing wood to absorb even more moisture. Additionally, UV rays cause the wood to gray, which is a sign of damage to the surface of the wood.

Loose Components Create Hazards on a Deck

As decks age, everything can loosen up considerably. Nails become loose in the wood and metal brackets that hold the whole deck together start to lose their grip. Nails and brackets also get corroded from years of outdoor exposure.

After a while the whole deck may lose its stability. Some decks aren’t put together well in the first place and as they age destabilization occurs more quickly. Fixing this is something to consider if you use your deck to entertain large groups of people. This may stress the weight limits of the deck.

Stay Ahead of Deck Decay

It is important to stay ahead of deck decay. With the right stain or paint, you can avoid costly repairs in the future associated with complete deck replacement.  J Stevens Painting is skilled in wood repair and can replace bad boards. As the next step, we seal your deck with stain or paint to give it waterproof finish that is able to withstand the elements. We can even update your deck with a color that better matches your house or your porch decorations.

Contact J Stevens Painting today and get your deck back on track for many more years of service.


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