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Should I Paint My House Myself or Hire a Painting Company in Atlanta?

Painting the exterior of a house is a hefty, time-consuming job, but it is rewarding when done right. There are fun parts to painting, like picking out the color of a soon-to-be freshly redone home. However, there are tricky parts to painting a home, such as the process of removing old paint. Even you can get through exterior painting taking the following steps. You can also contact a high quality painting company in Atlanta to do the job for you.

The fun starts with picking out the paint.

Sometimes people like to get started right away by beginning the priming process, but choosing the future color of the home is one of the most important steps.

Choose a color that complements the area around your home, such as using lighter, neutral colors such as white, beige or cream to blend in with the natural background of the environment.  Our gallery provides great examples of beautiful neutral home colors.  

There are also many different options for non-neutral colors to really make a home stand out without being too brash.

Prime Time for Priming and Painting

Priming is tedious, but necessary. Begin priming a house during suitable weather conditions. Considering it is very hot and humid in Atlanta during the summer, it’s recommended to prime during the spring or fall.

Once a good week to paint has been decided, washing the outside of the house is the next important step. You can wash all dirt and grime away by using a garden hose or a pressure washer. Pressure washing will remove more dirt, but it has to be handled with care to avoid damaging the surface.

Once the house has dried, the next step is to scrape off areas around the outside of the house where paint has chipped.

Once the house is washed and the old paint is removed, it’s best to choose a primer that works with the surface material of the house. It’s important to choose the correct primer in order for the paint to stay on the house better.

DIY or Hire a Painter?

Now, it is time to paint! Overall, painting a house requires patience and hard work, but sometimes it is worth the trouble in order to have a new look and feel to a home.

You can also save yourself the hassle by contacting an experienced painter. They can work with you to schedule washing, priming and painting of your house at a time that is convenient for you. They can also assist you with selecting the right colors and type of paint for the exterior of your home.

A qualified house painter should provide you with a written estimate before any work is done on your house and they should also warranty their work. Once they have completed their work to your satisfaction, the painting contractor and their crew should clean up your home and only leave beautiful colors behind.


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