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Removing Popcorn Ceiling – Is It Safe?

Popcorn ceilings were once an incredibly popular look in homes. Specifically, houses built between the 1950s and the 1980s often featured this texture because it made it simple for builders to do the ceilings. They didn’t have to worry about being absolutely perfect or avoid small mistakes—all they had to do was spray on the texture and they were done.

Unfortunately, the builders of the time made use of asbestos in much of their building materials, including the material used in popcorn or stucco ceilings. Today, many people dislike this look, while others are concerned about the asbestos. The end result is that they want to get rid of it. But is it safe to do so? Your safest bet is to hire Woodstock house painters just in case. But here’s our take on the removal process.

Why Should I Hire Professionals?

There’s no doubt that popcorn ceilings make a house look dated. This textured look was a sought-after feature of the past, but if you want a more modern look, they need to go. So how do you get an updated look? By removing the texture for a smoother finish.

Popcorn Ceilings Leave a Mess Behind

Unfortunately, the texture crumbles easily, getting dust everywhere and leaving a mess. However, the fact that it can get white dust on you and your things is just the beginning of your challenges.

Potential Exposure to Asbestos

If the popcorn ceiling includes asbestos, the material is released when the texture is disturbed. If you or anyone else breathes in the dust, it can cause severe health issues. This is especially dangerous for children. In many ways, it actually doesn’t matter how much asbestos is in your ceiling—whether it’s 1% or 10%, it’s dangerous and can be a health risk.

Because it crumbles so easily, popcorn ceilings with asbestos are much more of a risk than other materials containing asbestos, such as older vinyl floor tiles. All you have to do is touch the texture to release asbestos in the air!

To avoid any health scares and extensive clean ups, hire local professionals who can make this process a breeze.

Is Removing Popcorn Ceiling a Difficult DIY Project?

If you do a search for removing popcorn ceilings, you’re sure to find a number of DIY tutorials. However, if you’ve got asbestos in your ceiling, this is one area you want professionals to handle. It’s not as simple as removing wallpaper or repainting. It’s very easy to accidentally to send down a shower of asbestos-filled dust on you and your furniture.

Not only does this present a major health risk for you, it can leave behind toxic dust that others can breathe in. Even trying to vacuum up the dust can cause it to fly up into the air where it can be inhaled. Professionals have the protective gear and the knowledge to remove popcorn ceilings without risk.

Do I Need to Have the Texture Removed from My Ceilings?

If you don’t necessarily hate the look of your popcorn ceilings, you may wonder if you truly need to have them removed. If the material doesn’t contain asbestos, then it really is more of a personal choice.  However, any good real estate agent will tell you that textured ceilings are not in style.

To find out if your popcorn ceilings have any of this toxic substance in them, you can contact local professionals who handle asbestos removal and ask them to test your home. You can also purchase test kits and mail in a sample to be tested. This does, of course, mean you may breathe in some asbestos dust while collecting the sample, so it’s safer to hire an expert to do it.

If you can’t stand your popcorn ceilings or are concerned about asbestos, don’t put off having them tested and removed. You shouldn’t hate any part of your house—it’s your home, and you want to feel relaxed and safe there. Contact the professionals at J. Stevens painting today to discuss testing your popcorn ceilings for asbestos or to schedule its removal.

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