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How to Quickly Clean Up After Painting in Your Home

Tackling a paint project at home can easily lead to a mess. Hiring an Atlanta painting contractor ensures your home will be left in pristine condition. A single drop of paint could ruin your favorite piece of furniture forever, so taking additional steps before you begin can save you a great deal of money. Consider these tips if you want to keep your home clean and make the clean-up process as hassle-free as possible!

Harness the Power of Vinegar

Vinegar is one of those pantry items that is absolutely perfect for a range of cleaning uses, and the world of painting is no exception. Want to eliminate the pungent paint fumes after your project? Place a couple bowls of pure white vinegar around the room in order to get rid of the smell much faster.

This acidic substance is also great for cleaning paintbrushes! If your favorite paintbrush has dried out because you haven’t cleaned it properly after use, soak it in vinegar for 25 minutes and then wash it off with warm soap and water to bring it back to life.

Scrape Paint Away with Ice Scrapers

Those ice scrapers you keep in your car for the wintertime can finally be used for something else! Use them for removing paint drops off of acrylic surfaces! For example, if you accidentally splash some drops of paint onto your acrylic bathtub, use your ice scraper to gently scrape them off and dispose of the dried flakes. These scrapers can be used for a range of surfaces actually, as long as they aren’t metallic.

Coat Surfaces with Petroleum Jelly

If you’re painting a door, and you don’t want the doorknob to get paint on it, you could go to the trouble of wrapping it in painter’s tape to protect it from stray drops. The easier option is to coat the doorknob in petroleum jelly before painting. This way, if you get any paint on the doorknob, it will simply glide off when you clean off the petroleum jelly. Just be sure to clean the petroleum jelly off thoroughly, however, otherwise your doors may be difficult to open for a while.

If you decide you’d like a professional painting company to tackle your next project, contact J. Stevens Painting. We’ve been in business for over twenty years and know the importance of cleanliness during painting projects. We promise to always leave your home in the same fashion we found it.

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