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Preventing Frost Damage to Your Home

Everyday weather damage is hard enough to maintain and repair through the year. However, the damage gets taken up a notch as the weather dips below freezing. Where normal rain just erodes your paint over time, frost and ice can strip it off much quicker.

Frost Damage on a Home | J Stevens PaintingHow can you protect your home from these icy disasters? Here are a few ways that you can prevent frost damage to your home:

Clean Gutters

Gutters provide a quick and easy way for rain, snow and frost to leave your roof. If this passageway is cluttered with leaves and other debris, water gets stuck and begins to damage the gutter itself. The gutter can freeze and crack as the water expands in it, making it unusable.

If your gutters don’t work properly, the excess water has to get down through another way, usually via the walls of your house. This extra water will damage even brick walls as winter goes on. When this water freezes, it continues to weaken and damage the exterior of your home in the process.

The best way to prevent gutter and wall-cracking problems is by cleaning out your gutters before winter arrives. Also check for leaks in-between gutters as they are harder to notice, but will still damage the materials if left unattended.

Check for Cracks in Paint

Similar to brick, if water or frost finds its way into paint crevices, the paint will crack and blister. This not only lessens the aesthetic appeal of the paint, but it also increases the risk of growing mold or allergens. These allergens can harm you and your family when exposed for a long period of time.

Inspect your home’s exterior and look for potential trouble areas. If you find cracks, chips and other deformities in your paint, fill them in so they don’t get worse. Repaint these areas so they are covered up and protected from the elements.

Don’t Forget About Your Roof

It’s easy to forget about your roof as it is difficult to access and see problems. However, don’t let that stop you from making sure that it is ready for the cold season as it is a very important part of your home.

If your roof cracks due to the weather, your indoor heat will find more places to leave your home, which may drive up heating bills. Another downside is that water can leak into your home and cause water and mold damage in the affected areas.

Make sure you replace any missing tiles that may have shaken off your house through the year. This will protect your roof from the rain and frost and keep your home mold and allergen free. If your roof is higher than one story, you my want to call a professional contractor to service your roof, instead of trying to trek up there yourself. If you decide to work on your roof yourself, be sure to always put your safety first.

Protect Your Home This Winter

With a harsh winter projected for this year, protecting your home should be your top priority. Don’t let your home succumb to the freezing temperatures and blizzard-like weather.

Keep your home protected from the blistering cold environment so it can protect you for the rest of the year.

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