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Prepping Your House for Paint

Today you might have been driving home from work when you realized why you haven’t been happy with your home recently. It isn’t the state of your lawn or the loud neighbors – it is the chipped exterior paint in outdated colors.

This realization is a good thing. Now that you’ve pinpointed the cause, you’re motivated to improve your dwelling and even possibly increase the resell value through a fresh coat of paint. You’re ready to tackle this project head-on so you’ll have a house that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.

You might think the hard part is done now that you’ve gone through the paint chips and finally chosen the perfect colors that will make your home shine. But there are quite a few more steps you’ve got before you can apply your chosen hue to your house. Preparation is, after all, half of the battle when painting a house.

First, you need to clean your home, since paint won’t go on as evenly on a dirty surface. If your old coat of paint is peeling, use a pressure washer to spray and clean your home with the appropriate detergent and water.

Be careful when you’re choosing a nozzle – too much or too little pressure can damage the wood and leave you with a bigger problem than you started with. In the areas where the paint isn’t flaking too badly, you can make do with a scrub brush and your garden hose. Also, make sure that your gutters, downspouts and eaves are spick and span.

Next, you need to scrape away any loose paint. A wire brush works best. While you’re going over your home, make sure that all exposed nails are flush with the wood and that all glossy or shiny areas are sanded down to increase the area’s ability to absorb the paint. This is also the time that any repairs should be made, such as fixing loose boards.

It’s almost time to prime, but there are still a few more steps to go. You’ll need to remove all of the old caulk around your windows, doors and other areas replace it with a fresh, paintable product.

Also, this is the time to ensure all of your windows are in tip-top shape. We recommend removing the old putty from around the sills and applying new glazing. Make sure that the caulk and putty are fully dry before you paint.

Now that your house has been scrubbed and spackled, you need to protect your landscaping. Drape tarps over your flower beds and lawn and gently tie back and cover any bushes that might touch the house.

Once your greenery is protected, it’s time to grab your rollers and brushes and start applying your primer. Once this is dry, continue with your house paint, but be sure to do so carefully, as drips or streaks will be very noticeable to visitors and could even decrease the value of your home.

Painting your home yourself is quite the investment in both time and money. But don’t worry – you don’t need to feel defeated by a bucket of paint. Rather than taking on this project yourself, you could decide to invest in a quality house painting contractor.

A professional knows how best to prep your home so that the exterior paint will not only apply smoothly but last much longer. Plus, your weekend will be free for the important things in life – like time with your family and watching football.

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