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PPG's 2018 Color of the Year - Black Flame | J Stevens Painting

PPG’s 2018 Color of the Year – Black Flame

As a renowned Atlanta painting contractor, it’s important for us to stay in the know of the latest developments and trends when it comes to paints. Choosing a paint color can be tough, so we always suggest shades that are sophisticated, fashionable, practical and innovative, making homes look better and more modern as a result.

In recent years, the PPG Global Color Forecasting team has emerged as being the best industry decider of the best colors that will cause a splash throughout businesses and homes for that year. Their annual 3-day color forecasting summit resulted in the naming of the “Color of the Year”, and this year the honor goes to “Black Flame”.

What is PPG’s Black Flame?

Black Flame is a color that combines the classic shade of black with navy blue undertones, creating a deeply sophisticated color. This shade is designed to foster an intimate, comfortable, and contemporary environment. Black Flame has the qualities that black paint has in that it enables other accent colors to “pop” and instills a sense of calmness in onlookers.

However, it’s subtle undertones of navy ever so slightly take the edge off of black’s harshness, resulting in a black which feels more relaxed and calm, as opposed to dark and harsh.

PPG senior color marketing manager Dee Schlotter had this to say about the 2018 Color of the Year: “Black Flame represents stability, strength, and durability. It’s a color every designer wants to use because it anchors every other color. It speaks to privacy, the meditative privacy many crave in a world crowded with online distractions.”

How Black Flame Represents Current Trends

The PPG team deciding the Color of the Year takes many factors into account as part of their process, including the cultural shifts and zeitgeists currently making themselves known across the world.

Recent years have seen the essence of privacy, connection, rebelliousness, and naturalism take hold, something that Black Flame does well to reflect on multiple levels. It may seem farfetched to think that so much thought goes into a color, but certain hues are still strongly associated with their well-known decades and eras today. That being said, it should come as no surprise that Black Flame is the leading color in 2018, an age where comfort and privacy are taken very seriously for homeowners.

At J. Stevens, we always stay current on the latest color trends in order to best serve our trendy customers! If you’re looking for an affordable Atlanta painting contractor, get in touch with us today and get a free estimate on your next painting project!

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