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Picking the Right Color for Your Home Office Space

If you work from home, the way your office space is decorated can have an impact on your job performance. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can benefit your mood, productivity, and job performance. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with beige or white walls — research has shown that the right color choices can have a positive impact on how productive you are at work.

There are four main colors that can increase your productivity, depending on your personality and the type of work you do. Once you figure out what color works best, you will need to hire reputable painters in Canton, Georgia to get the job done right.


Blue is the color of productivity if you job entails control and responsibility. It is used because it evokes trust and communication. A detail-heavy job that involves a lot of mental concentration, like accounting, benefits from the mental stimulation blue walls provide. Blue is a great choice if you need a color that will de-stress you as you work, bringing your heart rate down. If this seems like what you need, then blue may be for you.


Creativity is bolstered by yellow. This is probably because building or making something new is a bit bold and daring, just like the color. It will stimulate and energize your office space, but may get to be too much and lead to anxiety if it is overbearing. Consider painting one or two walls yellow, and pairing them with a complimentary color to avoid overstimulating your work space.


Red is a great color if you are doing lots of physical work. If your “office” is your woodworking shop, then this is likely the color for you. It also works well for a workspace where you work at night, since red is shown to keep you alert and boosts the heart rate – much like coffee. Red, especially as an accent color, could is the caffeine your office needs.


Green has a calming effect and emanates growth, because it brings the color of nature into your work space. It reduces eye strain so it is great option if you use a computer in your home office. If your work requires a calm place so that it can thrive, then green is the color for you.

Toned Down

Once you’ve picked a color that works best for your needs, you’ll need to consider how saturated you want the color to be. Bold, intense hues stimulate you, while less saturated or greyed-out hues of your preferred color will produce a calming effect. Colors shouldn’t live in isolation, and a main color supported by accent hues will go a long way to making a productive work space.

No matter what color you decide to go with, be sure it’s different from the other colors in your house so that when you go into your office, you can easily make the mental switch into work mode.

Color Your Office Space

If part of creating or updating your home office space requires a new coat of paint, J Stephens can make sure that it is done right. Competitive pricing and on-time appointments ensure that your office project will keep rolling forward. We use high quality paints so that your paint job will last for many years.

Give J Stevens a call today to make your home office space the perfect color for your productivity.

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