If you’re preparing to put your home on the market, you’re likely looking for little projects you can complete that will add value to the property or help you attract potential buyers more quickly. One of the things you can do to improve your curb appeal is to paint the exterior of your home.

Hiring professional Woodstock house painters is a great start. A freshly painted house looks fresh, stands out from its neighbors, and will show potential buyers that you’ve put in some work to make the property look ready to buy.

But what color should you or the exterior house painters, you hired, paint the house? If you haven’t decided, take a look at these popular exterior paint colors. Studies have shown that these shades are attractive to buyers and can actually help your house sell faster.


Although some people may consider gray as a very boring color, it doesn’t have to be. Doing the main part of your home in this neutral tone and then painting the trim white can create a house that really pops, especially if your roof coordinates.

Because it’s a fairly neutral house color, buyers won’t immediately be turned off by a shade they dislike. If you’re selling in the spring or summer, any brightly colored flowers you have in front of the home will really stand out, too.


White paint won’t stay white for long, making your house appear dirty. Off-white, on the other hand, gives your home a traditional look but doesn’t show as much debris. It’s also a nice, light shade to use if you want to use a bold color for the trim, shutters, or door.


Another great color for those who want to make their trim stand out is light blue. This is an especially good option if you live by the beach or want to bring that type of feel to your home.


On the other hand, you could go darker with a nautical look. Blue gray is a nice medium between a dark blue and a darker gray, giving you just enough of a blue shade to make it stand out from gray homes. This is a bolder color, of course, so it may not necessarily be for everyone. However, when paired with a classic white trim, it gives you a very nice exterior.


Want to really make a statement? Go with lighthouse red, a bright, cheery color that may seem like it’s too much until you see the finished project. This color actually has a traditional feel to it, and it will make your home stand out. It’s a great option for houses that are surrounded by trees and other greenery.


Another fun, bright color option is yellow. Yellow is associated with happiness and fun. You’ll want to be sure you don’t go for a shade that’s overly bright, though, or it could be too overwhelming for potential buyers. A little yellow can go a long way, so don’t go overboard or your house may stick out in a bad way.


If you love yellow but don’t want to commit to such a bright color, a great shade of yellow is wheat. It’s not a full-on yellow, but it’s not a light brown or a white, either. It’s a mix of all three, and it gives a home a warm feeling to it. It’s a great option for houses that have a gray roof, and it works well if you’re planning on using blue, gray, or a dark brown for your accent color.


Painting the exterior if a house is a chore, but it’s one you don’t have to handle alone. At J. Stevens, we’re here to assist you with painting the exterior of your home quickly and professionally so you can get it on the market. Contact us today to learn more about our painting options.