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Few things say more about you than the visual quality of your home or business. When you see a home that is attractive and well cared for, it’s a positive statement that echoes to all who pass. This is even more important for a business, which lives and dies in part, by how customers perceive its image.

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That’s why at J. Steven’s Painting, we take our work seriously. We understand the importance of your paint, because paint is our business. Matching you with the best product and service is at the top of our minds, and we’ve built our business throughout Marietta and beyond by delivering the best service that you can find in the city.


Since 1998, we’ve been coating the competition. How?

Before the painting starts, we clean every wall with our industrial pressure washers, preparing the surfaces for a brand new look that you help decide – on your own, or with our expert guidance.

Next we put on mildecide, which prevents the new paint from attracting mildew or algae.

We then eliminate any of the old paint that will undercut the new. Without this tedious work, new paint will flake away in no time.

After the surfaces are ready, we apply a primer to all of the wood that is going to take paint.

Finally, before the painting starts, we cement cracks and fill openings or gaps that will be painted. This denies entrance to water, and ensures an even coat of paint.

And then – we paint!

We doubt that you’ll find another company with our level of experience, quality and eye for detail in Marietta. We stand by our work, and the recommendations of our numerous clients across Atlanta.

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Interior Painting Services | J. Stevens Painting

It’s a dream for many to remodel. But for most people, it remains a dream – unless they can drop a hefty portion of their income or refinance the house to make it happen.

But at J. Steven’s we give you another option.

New paint can be just the addition that will make an old room pop with new life and vibrancy, for a fraction of the price a full remodeling would cost. Imagine your living room with a paint makeover, and you’ll soon be swimming in possibilites. Our experts can help you narrow down your ideas to fit the space you’re trying to create. We can also help your ideas see the light of day with our professional staff who are adept at leaving your home better than how they found it.

You’ll see no splatter, tape, mat or other article that we used to reinvigorate your home. Only the utter beauty of your favorite room – rejuvenated.


We know that it takes a lot to run a business. Wouldn’t it be great if your store could help your marketing – even when it’s closed?

It can when you trust J. Steven’s with the paint. We can take practically any building or workspace and make it look new.

We work with you, to make sure that you get exactly what you want. We can also give you recommendations based on our many years of experience, and our knowledge of the standards for appearance of local businesses just like yours throughout greater Atlanta.


If you’re not in the market for a full paint job, consider a pressure wash. We can take years off the sides of a building, and even increase its value with our professional washing system.


Whatever paint or outdoor finishing service you’re looking for – call J. Stevens. We’re family owned, operated and waiting for your call.