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Painting Contractors in Adairsville

What do you want to see when you hire an Adairsville painting contractor? You want to see a professional painting contractor with hundreds of reviews of satisfied customers. Since 1998, we’ve traveled across Georgia providing the best painting service that you can find. We bring that level of quality and service to Adairsville.

Our customer satisfaction comes not only through the choice of products, equipment and workmanship, but the multi-generational know-how of the Stevens family, and its quest for excellence.

We’re not just another painting company; we hold ourselves to a value that we don’t paint any house differently than we paint our own.

That means not only will you find a sparkling finish, but you’ll find your space – whether on the outside or the inside – better than how you left it. All of our 50+ employees are loyal to that motto, which has kept us painting for almost 18 years.


It takes a lot to paint an exterior. Cold winters, hot summers and stifling humidity – the deep south climate will go to war against your paint if you don’t follow every step that we do. What is that? Definitely more than you would want to do yourself, and that makes us the best painters you’ll find in North Georgia.

We pressure wash the surfaces, apply mildecide – a mildew preventative additive for paint. Then we scrape away anything blocking new paint, like old paint, and prime all of the exposed wood. We finally fill any openings or gaps to lock out moisture.

That’s before we paint.


Painting a room is more than paint. It can mean getting rid of old features like dated popcorn ceilings and replacing drywall.

We give you a full estimate, and then our expert full service paint teams do it all. When you come back and see our work, not only will it look like we were never there – you may not believe what a fantastic space you have.

We’re so confident in our work that we personally guarantee that we’re the best painting company you’ll find in Jasper.


Maybe you’re not in the market for a paint job, but you wish that you could bring some youth back to your building. What to do? Years of dirt, grime and growth can make any structure look less than its best, that’s why we offer professional, high power pressure washing, to knock years off the age of your home or business.

Believe it or not, a good washing can even raise your property value. Call us for the best service in town – we never use harmful chemicals, only minimal equipment, that restores sheen to sidewalks, curbs, siding, decks and patios or pools.

Get in touch to learn how we can bring your project to life, whether it’s large, small or in between, and enhance your Adairsville property with a worry free makeover.

We’re a family owned company dedicated to our customers, and we’re sure you’ll love your experience with us.