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Paint Finish Types and Where They Should Go

Picking paint for your home involves more than just the color, because it also comes in a full range of finishes. The right paint finish can further complement the room’s purpose and overall appearance. Take the time to know a bit about different paint finishes to decide which areas of your home they’ll work best in before you hire painters in Canton, GA.

Characteristics of a Finish

Paint finishes are based on how much the paint reflects light, and range from the zero reflectivity of flat paint to the almost lacquered look of high gloss finishes. In between, there are finishes like eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss, all of which provide various levels of sheen.

In general, flatter sheens are used on walls, and glossy finishes are applied to trims. The best way to determined which sheen type to pick is by coordinating it to the room’s purpose, usage, and foot traffic.

Kitchen and Dining Room

These areas see a lot of activity and foot traffic, and the potential for food spills and splatters require a durable, cleanable paint finish. Satin works well as a wall paint sheen, since it offers stain resistance. Gloss provides contrast and durability in these high traffic areas that need extra cleaning. The higher sheen also reflects more light, making both rooms bright and cheery.


Bathrooms get cleaned frequently and are exposed to moisture and high humidity, so paint colors should come in a satin or semi-gloss finish. Semi-gloss finishes reflect light, which can highlight wall imperfections and may look duller over time after they’ve been scrubbed. Eggshell paint that’s been specifically designed for bathrooms help you add an attractive dimension of texture to bathroom walls while hiding imperfections better than glossy paints.


Flat finishes work well for bedrooms, because they tones things down. It doesn’t reflect light, which hides any imperfections on the walls. The lower amount of traffic that a bedroom receives also works well with a flat sheen. Add in a semi-gloss trim for a perfect look.


The foyer is one of the focal points of your home, and it sees a lot of foot traffic. A satin finish creates a velvety luster that’s easy to clean. If you’re less concerned about needing to frequently clean the walls, you could also go with a flat finish that will hide imperfections in the wall. You can balance either finish choice with a protective semi-gloss finish on the trim.


A satin finish in the hallway will reflect light and provide for easy cleaning. If a less reflective option is desired, eggshell will holdup well to cleaning in this high-traffic area of your home.

Kid Areas

Satin walls and gloss trims work best in children’s bedrooms and play areas. There’s no telling how often shoe marks, crayons, and markers will have to be cleaned off of the wall during the life of the paint. With kids, there is enough to worry about without having difficult cleanup. If you do want a more flat look, eggshell will still get the job done.

Living Room

The living room will benefit from a medium eggshell finish and a semi-gloss trim. You spend a lot of time in this area, so you want something that will add value while being easy to clean.

The Painting Company You Need

The perfect sheen of paint finish will make your house beautiful. The ability to clean it will keep your house looking good for a long time. J Stevens uses 20 years of experience to apply any sheen to the walls and trim of your home. We use painting methods that are efficient and don’t leave a mess. We’d love to talk to you about paint colors and sheens that you might want for your home. Call us for a free estimate.

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