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How To: Paint Your Basement Walls

Paint basement wallsWhether you’ve decided to paint the walls, ceiling, or floor, tackling a basement makeover is harder than your average paint job. The different surface and added moisture makes the prep work just as important as the actual paint job, if not more so.

1. Prep the Surface

Properly prepping the surface is the most important step of the painting process. It truly makes a difference between a professional paint job and poor paint job.

  • Remove any existing paint from the surface to prevent air bubbles and flaking from forming. Use sandpaper or a wire brush.
  • Fill in any cracks or holes that you find.
  • Clean the walls. Remove any mildew stains from the surface and let dry completely before moving on.

2. Prime the Surface

Many people skip this step, but it is crucial if you want an even-looking paint job that will last. Make sure you get a primer that is specifically for whatever surface you’re painting; both drywall and concrete are porous surfaces, so you want either an acrylic or water-based primer. Use a thick, even coat over the entire surface, and allow about 8 hours for drying.

3. Paint the Walls

Basement Wall Painting
Choosing the paint is the easiest part of the process. Just look for paint with additives such as water-resistance or mildew-resistance. Use 2-3 coats for increased moisture protection, and wait about 4 hours between coats for best results.

Painting your basement doesn’t have to be a hassle. It all comes down to doing your research and getting the products that will best bond with your surface. By taking time on the little things, your basement makeover will go from a DIY project to a professional painting project.

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