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New Technology Means Longer Painting Season

House Painting | Atlanta Home Painters | J StevensPainting your home is not an easy ordeal.  Not only do you have to take into account the labor itself, but also the weather and humidity so your painting is successful.  Painting season is typically considered to extend from late spring through early fall as temperatures and humidity levels are more conducive to painting during this time.  However, innovations in paint technology have opened up the possibility of a longer painting season as well as the ability to paint your house later in the day.

Old Concerns

When planning when to paint, moderation was everything.  It typically was best to paint when temperatures were not too hot and not too cold.  In the past, a reliable painting range was between 50° to 85° because anything colder would slow the drying process while extreme heat would dry the paint too quickly.  Both of these conditions would negatively alter the texture and durability of the finished paint.

Moisture has also always been a problem when determining the best time to paint your home.  Moisture from rain, dew or condensation would change the chemical makeup of the paint, preventing it from sticking to the materials as needed and hindering the drying process.  The longer the paint would stay wet, there was a greater chance for wind-blown particles to mix with the paint.

New Freedoms

While temperature and moisture were notable factors in the past, new changes in the makeup of the paint allows for extra time flexibility when painting.  Paints like Sherwin Williams’ Resilience paint are designed to handle the elements with ease, without as many limitations as older brands of paint.

Resilience paint employs moisture-protection properties so that your paint can handle moist air sooner than older paint.  With traditional paint, you couldn’t paint in the evening in fear that the morning dew will ruin your work as the paint had not fully dried at that point.  However, with newer brands of paint, the paint becomes moisture resistant in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to paint later in the day without worry about condensation the following morning

In addition to moisture, resilience paint also opens your possibilities for what time of the year you can paint.  While older paints would stop your painting season when the nighttime lows reach 50°, newer paints can handle temperatures as low as 35°.  This extends your painting season from early fall into the latter part of November for most areas of the United States, even into December in the southern regions.

Using high quality paints can extend your painting season and release the restrictions of having to paint during a particular time in order to be successful.  You can either purchase resilience paint or hire a painting professional to install the paint so you can have the paint work at your convenience.

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