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National Organize Your Home Day

January is the month when people either make progress on goals that they let slide the previous year, or set new goals for the coming year. Mark your calendars, because January 14th is “National Organize Your Home Day,” which is a great goal for starting the new year. Taking the time to organize your house, getting back to unfinished projects, and refreshing the look of your home can lead to great things. After you’ve organized, you can move on to updating with improvement projects to refresh and add value to your home. Woodstock house painters can make the transformation complete with the right coat of paint. Here are some areas that will benefit from an update.

Think Outside Appeal

Just like the presents that were artfully wrapped over the holidays, your house should look great on the outside. However, its exterior can become faded over time, misrepresenting the beauty of the inside of your house. Sure, keeping your yard and landscaping free of clutter is good, but new paint color will add curb appeal. Don’t know where to start? A good first thing to focus on is the front door and surrounding trim. This is the main area that’s seen up close by visitors, and replacing the peeling and faded paint will give your house a whole new welcoming feel. Continue with refreshing the trim, siding, and shutters, adding a more modern paint color scheme as you go. Next, complete your outdoor refresh with deck stain to improve the look and durability of your outdoor space.

What’s Inside Counts

A good looking exterior is a good place to start, but the inside is where you and your guests will spend the most time. As you reorganize your house and repurpose unused space, a new color will provide the perfect finishing touch. Unlike outdoor colors, which remain timeless, indoor colors tend to be dictated by the year’s style trends. The interior of your home will feel more modern with an updated color. Once you’ve organized and rearranged, here are some rooms in your home that will benefit from a new, invigorating paint color:


It’s said that the kitchen is the center of the home. We spend much of our time there cooking and having family fun, and the right paint color can give the room a more pleasant feel. You can go warm and inviting, cool and relaxing, or mix neutrals white bold accent colors.


A cluttered basement wastes space. Once it’s organized, you’ll find that you have extra space for entertaining. Switching from a white or beige to a more modern color can have a huge impact on the way your basement feels.


Bedrooms tend to collect clutter since they’re the part of the house that no one else sees. Once the clutter is gone, you will have the mental energy to spend on updating the bedroom’s color to make it a restful place. Cooler paint colors are known to reduce stress while making the room seem bigger.

A Well Done Paint Job

Every home can benefit from organization and an inviting color scheme. Part of the hesitancy of homeowners to repaint their house is the problem of finding a reputable, trustworthy painting company. If this is your concern, you will find J Stevens as a viable solution to your problem. We will do an excellent job while protecting your home and furniture with covers and drop cloths. We want to leave your home better than we found it. Our superior customer service will make your house painting experience a good one.

Give J Stevens a call today and give your home a new look for the new year.

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