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How To Master The Skill Of Matching Paint Colors

Whether you are restoring an old home, covering up a nick on the wall, or looking to subtly increase the style of your interior’s existing color palette, the task of matching paint colors, finding the right color schemes and their contrasts can prove to be an exhausting exercise.

Not everyone is good with interiors, and if they were, the need for interior designers and Alpharetta painting contractors would diminish. When looking to update your home’s look, the easiest method to give it a new look and feel is by changing up the colors of your living space. Given the plethora of hues and shades available, matching paint colors isn’t an easy task.

We have compiled a few simple hacks you may use to match paint colors successfully. With these tips, you can match colors so close to the original that even a skilled eye would barely be able to tell them apart.

Apps for Color Matching

Employ the use of technology to simplify the paint color matching process; saving time and stress that would otherwise be expended. Whether you are opting for warm neutrals or garish neon hues, most established paint companies now offer the ease of matching colors with smart apps. You can match paint colors with minimal effort right from the comfort of your sofa.

These apps allow the user to pinpoint the shade from stock photos, existing photos in gallery, or by allowing users to take new photos to help determine an exact match. The apps then refer to the customer a color name or code that is most similar to the pinpointed shade. These codes and color names can be conveyed to shop assistants for a quick and effective shopping experience.

Light Up Before Taking Pictures

Capturing the shade you desire to splash on your walls within a picture may seem like a simple approach to color matching. However, simply taking a picture is not enough, as you may end up with varying results if the area in which the picture is being taken is not lit properly, or has warm-toned lights.

Light can drastically alter the way color is translated from reality to a screen. In fact, the same paint on different walls in a dimly lit room may appear different to the naked eye, let alone a camera. Eyeballing the paint and ignoring the light source leaves room for errors, which is why paint shops display colors under bright fluorescent lights.

Taking pictures when there is a direct source of natural light to illuminate the walls allows a better color match. You may need to light up your room with lamps, bulbs, or pulling apart the curtains. It is useful to take multiple shots from varying angles, as well as close up shots and distant shots to allow a better overview of the shade.

Remember to review the pictures and only keep the ones where the shade seems the closest to the hue on the walls.

Take Samples

A nifty and clever way to determine similarities in tonal depths is to match the shade to a real sample of color. You may carry swatches of fabrics, pillows, spools of thread, magazine cutouts, and even wall samples to the paint shop for an exact color match. It is ideal to carry the item that serves as an inspiration for your shade to the paint shop. Most shops can digitally match the color of your item to an existing paint code.

A trick that rarely fails is carrying at least a 1-inch sample to the shop and having the staff match it for you. To take a wall sample you may need to peel a top layer of the paint directly from the wall. It is recommended to clean the wall with soapy water, allowing it to dry before scraping at least a 1-inch sample with a razor knife.

Patch Test

Before you end up painting the entire wall the wrong color, it is useful to test the paint on a small patch on the wall first. Take a sample of the shade and smear it on a small patch on the wall to ascertain the similarities.

The pigments in the paint concentrate as the moisture content in the paint dries up, making the paint appear darker. If you are unhappy with the darker hues, mix with whiter bases until you reach a closer match in color depth.

With these simple tips you can effortlessly achieve your favorite paint matches in a shorter span of time. If looking to liven up the color of your living space with a little panache, hiring the services of a professional paint business makes the entire project a lot easier.

At J.Stevens Painting, a seasoned staff with over 20 years of professional experience transforms your living spaces with top of the line paints, stains, and caulks. For warrantied work that exudes excellence contact us today.

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