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Is Fall a Good Time for Exterior House Painting in Marietta, GA

It’s no surprise that fall is a popular season for outdoor activities, including home maintenance activities like exterior painting. But is fall actually a good time for exterior house painting in Marietta, GA?

Opinions are split on whether or not painting the exterior of your home or office in the fall is the best idea, or the worst. Some people praise the cooler weather and lower humidity as being ideal for the task, while others warn that increased wind and unpredictable precipitation will ruin any painting you attempt. So which side is right?

Technically, both sides are correct. Cooler temps and drier air can help an exterior painting project and wind and moisture can hurt it. The biggest factor to consider when deciding whether or not to apply exterior paint in the fall is location.

If you’re located in Minnesota, where fall means frosty temperatures and even snow, painting outside in the fall should definitely be avoided. If you’re located in Georgia, where fall means lows in the 50s and welcome relief from 100 percent humidity, painting outside in the fall may actually be preferable to painting in the summer.

However, even during the moderate fall weather in Marietta, GA, there are precautions to take when applying exterior paint if you want it to truly last.

Fall Exterior Painting Tips

Pay Attention to the Weather

Even the typically mild fall weather in Marietta can turn unexpectedly. A 65 degree day can become a 38 degree night, which means that most paint, which is recommended for use in temps no lower than 50 degrees, won’t dry properly. This can leave you with a patchy or bubbly finish, which, aside from being visually unappealing, also won’t last very long.

Humidity and precipitation are also risk factors when painting outside in the fall. Surfaces need to be as dry as possible for proper adhesion of paints and stains. Watch dew points and forecasts for rain, as either one will cause flaking and bubbling.

Work With the Sun

Typically, the best window of time to exterior painting in the fall is between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Any earlier, and you run the risk of dew moistened surfaces ruining your work. Any later, and a drop in temperature may drastically slow drying time.

It’s also a smart idea to follow the sun throughout the day. Begin on the sunniest wall and continue around along with the sun as the day progresses. Basically, the opposite of the usual advice for exterior painting in the summer.

For True Peace of Mind, Call in the Pros

Even in a climate as mild as Marietta’s, the unexpected can occur. The safest plan for exterior painting in the fall? Call in the professionals. Seasoned pros, like the painters at J Stevens Painting, have the experience and the tools to ensure that your exterior paint goes on smoothly and remains bright, no matter how unpredictable the weather is.

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