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How Your Canton Painting Contractor Can Help with Ceiling Damage Repairs

You’ve decided it’s time to rejuvenate the look of your home with a new paint job. You look over each room and envision the colors you want to see on each wall of your house. You may even be thinking about doing the job yourself. 

Then you notice you’ve an ugly blotch on your ceiling.

You could try scraping away any loose paint from bubbles or damaged areas on the walls or ceiling. But once you’re there, you find holes in the surface underneath, or that the drywall is spongy.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, or how to move forward, it’s important for you to call in reinforcements. This is when a Canton painting contractor can come in handy.

Repair Ceiling Damage Before You Paint Your Home

It may seem strange to call in a painting contractor to deal with ceiling damage. However an experienced painter will know how to repair plaster as well.

Ceiling damage doesn’t have to be limited to stains. There may be holes in the ceiling from moving fixtures or lighting.

These issues need to be addressed before painting starts. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how pretty the paint is if the canvas is warped or defaced. Repairing the drywall is the secret to a paint job that is going stand up to the elements and stand out as a beautiful and seamless finishing of your home

A quality painting contractor will offer a free estimate before providing services. Once they have assessed the scope of the project, and you agree on the price, the painting contractor will work with you to schedule the job.

On the day the job starts, your painting contractor will prep your house for interior painting and repair any ceiling damage. From a wall, your painter would remove pictures and window treatments, as well as electrical plates. From a ceiling, your painter will remove any ceiling plates from your lighting fixtures, and cover the hanging parts.

The painter will fix the drywall, spackle anything needing a touch up and sand the surface.

Why You Should Hire a Painting Contractor to Help with Ceiling Damage Repairs

Once this part of the job is complete, your painting contractor will apply generous coats of high quality painting to adorn your home with beautiful colors.  Your home will look as good as new.

That’s the magic of going with an experienced painting contractor – you can turn the loss of ceiling damage into the win of a revitalized living space enhanced with gorgeous colors.

The experts at J.Stevens Painting know how to repair ceiling damage and give your home a high quality paint job. Contact us today at 770-365-6889 for a free estimate.


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