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How to Prepare for Residential Painting in Atlanta

You’ve looked at your options for refreshing the look of your home. You know which rooms you want to liven up with a splash of color. You’ve searched for the best painting company in Atlanta to bring your vision for your home to life.

Now it’s time to get ready for painting. Whether you do-it-yourself or call in a professional, follow these tips and you’ll be set to welcome bold new colors into your home.

Prepping the Interior of Your Home for Painting

The first step in preparing for house painting is to ready the rooms that will be painted. Drop cloths should be placed under the areas you plan to have painted and scaffolding setup on top of the cloths to enable easy access to higher areas of the house.

If you have delicate plants that could be damaged by paint, use canvas to cover them instead of plastic tarps. Plastic will hold in heat and moisture, causing the plants to swelter in warm weather.

Any light fixtures, mailboxes, shutters and decorations that could get in the way of a uniform finish should also be removed.

Getting Exterior Painting Surfaces Ready

All surfaces that will be painted should be smoothed and any loose paint removed. If you are doing this project yourself, use a pull-style paint scraper to scrape loose paint from the siding. Always scrape in the direction of the wood grain to prevent damage to the siding.

During this process you should also be careful not to gouge the wood with scraping. A wire brush can work on looser paint but a putty knife will be needed for most areas.

Old paint can contain dust and mildew, so use a dust mask and safety glasses to prevent inhalation and stray paint chips from getting in your eyes.

Know When It’s Time to Call a Professional Painter

While it may be tempting to handle residential painting yourself, a professional painting company can save you a lot of time and effort. Not only will they have the team and equipment to remove old paint and smooth exterior surfaces, they can also remove nails, sand walls and clean surfaces.

They can also use putty and caulk to fill any depressions, cracks, and imperfections on the surfaces to be painted.

A painting professional will also have the best estimate of when your house will be ready to paint after the preparation process has been completed. Not letting the house dry thoroughly is a common cause of paint failure.

Professional painters like J Stevens Painting have the know-how and the tools to ensure the best results for your house painting project. They will get the job done quickly and with quality so you can enjoy the new look of your home right away.

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