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How To Choose A Paint Color For Your Office Space

Providing your employees with the perfect place to work involves keeping in mind numerous factors such as safety, proper lighting, ventilation, a refreshing environment, and a creative aesthetic. This creativity can take many shapes and forms, and one simple and effective way of revitalizing your office space while also maximizing employee creativity is by applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

A good paint job brings a renewed perspective to any house or office. A fresh office not only reinvigorates existing employees, but also attracts new stakeholders, as clean walls reflect professionalism, and your company’s regard for hygiene. At the end of the day, it all depends on your paint contractor and the colors you opt for, be it in Atlanta or Sandy Springs.

So, how to choose the best paint color for your office space?

Ensuring High Quality

The first step involved in fixing your office’s ‘feng shui’ involves hiring a good painting contractor, regardless of whether it is an external or interior paint job, staining, or any other related task. If, however, you choose to take it up yourself, you should make sure the paints you get are top-of-the-line.

Aligning your requirements with what you will need to fulfill those essentials is simple if you know what you’re looking for, and undertake research. The same goes for identifying high-quality paint. The determining factors are mostly contained within brands, varieties, and colors.

Remember, under or overdoing a paint job is very easy, thus it is imperative to know what you’re doing before you exclude the possibility of hiring a professional.

Colors & What They Enhance

The color palate for the interior or exterior of your office walls is extremely diverse and depends not just on the nature of your work, but also on the type of corporate culture you wish to subtly bolster. When choosing a color, it is important to take into account their different properties and the effects they induce, amongst other decision making points. Following are some of the colors you can choose for your office space;


White is one of the most common wall-paint for homes and offices alike. There are many different shades of the color, including delicate white, crumb cookie, atrium white, mother of pearl, milk white, cream puff, and roughly 60 other variations!

However, white alone isn’t the answer to any office-space’s requirements, since it can make the space seem monotonous and drab. White is associated with healthcare facilities, law offices, or finance businesses, amongst others. To make your office seem welcoming apply a slightly off-white color, coupled with contrasting or complementary colors to make sure your walls are lively without seeming overwhelming. White paint serves its function exceptionally well in the break and quiet rooms, especially when the rest of the office’s color scheme is colorful.


Yellow hues can stimulate creativity when used moderately. The color has more than 3000 shades that you can choose from, including fall gold, citrus, and mango margarita, to name a few.

You should have hints of yellow throughout your floors; however, make sure you use it in moderation. The best way for that is by painting the room blue, green, or any other color and adding hints of yellow throughout. The color yellow symbolizes the sun and stands for vitality, enlightenment, intellect and clarity.


The color red is the perfect color for restaurants since it not only stimulates the appetite but is also a good color to set the mood. The color has a psychological effect on couples, young and old, stimulating companionship and other like emotions.

With more than 300 different shades such as Burnt Red, Rum Punch, Ruby Lips, Candy Corn, Red Cedar, and others. In terms of working spaces, red is not generally recommended as it also stands for anger and jealousy, two traits that are best left at the door.


PPG offers more than 250 vivacious shades of blue, namely Mediterranean blue, Neptune, Cobalt Glaze, and Suddenly Sapphire, among others. The color has found extensive use in office spaces due to its calming nature. Reflecting the sky, or the sea, blue is another good choice for quiet rooms, break areas or even a main color for office floors. 

An example that properly depicts the calming effects of blue is the painting of San Diego City Jail’s walls baby blue, pastel pink, and peach to help placate the inmates.


The color brown has become popular only recently due to researches indicating a direct impact on employee productivity thanks to the color’s utilization. The color has 50 different shades including oak and chocolate brown.

The color successfully portrays a natural feel to the office, reflecting the wood’s or ground’s natural state. Painting walls brown has also proven to improve emotional stability along while giving off a professional look.

Other Colors

Colors such as green, grey, and violet aren’t as popular in the office itself. Instead, they find use in waiting areas, main lobbies, staircases, and even garages.Analyzing the psychological impact of each color is important as the wrong color combination can lead to disasters in your office, making decreased productivity the least of your problems. Professional painters can help you decide which paint suits your office best and in turn, boost productivity.

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