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How Staining or Painting Protects Your Deck in Smyrna, GA

How Staining or Painting Protects Your Deck in Smyrna, GA

People in Smyrna, GA love spending time on their backyard decks. It’s a great way to enjoy the sunny weather, warm temperatures and beautiful greenery that surrounds the neighborhood.

However, entertaining friends and family on a deck that’s chipping and peeling is not so much fun. Deck staining and painting can transform your deck into an inviting space for outdoor entertaining. It can also restore and extend the life of your deck for years to come.

Here’s how staining or painting protects your deck in Smyrna, GA.

Benefits of Painting or Staining Your Deck

Using paint on your deck can be beneficial depending on the type of paint you use. Don’t make the mistake of using interior paint for an exterior paint job. You’ll end up with peeling and cracking paint.

Choose an exterior paint for your deck that contains a special additive to protect your deck from weather elements.

Staining is a more strenuous project but will provide you with lasting results. Choose a stain that is water resistant.

Keep in mind that stained wood requires regular maintenance to maintain its coat and endure the weather.

Inspect and Repair Before Staining or Painting Your Deck

It’s important to locate any damage on your deck before painting or staining. Years after installation, wood can weaken, rot or be infested with termites.

Gently poke around any wood sections that may look weak in order to identify rot. Replace those boards if needed. Check for any nails that may be protruding from the wood and hammer them back into place.

Next, remove any old stain or paint from your deck. Remove cracked or peeling stain or paint with a paint scraper. Use a sander to help remove any inconsistencies across your wood deck.

Also check to see if your deck has any mildew or mold. If you find any, use a deck cleaning solution and pressure washer to clean it off. Cleaning the wood before you place any protective sealant will prevent any harmful waste from breaking down the wood once it has been sealed inside.

Make sure your deck is completely dry before applying any staining or painting products. Two or three days of dry weather is normally enough time for your wood deck to dry.

If you’d like a professional to stain or paint your deck, J. Stevens Painting is the Smyrna painting contractor to call. We can provide you with a free estimate and schedule our service at a time that is convenient for you. For more information about our high quality deck staining or painting, contact J. Stevens Painting today at 770) 365-6889.

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