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How Much Prep Time Do Woodstock House Painters Need to Beautify My Home?

In order for your paint job to be top notch and last for years, your house painter needs a clean palate to work with.

The prep work required to create a smooth, dry surface for your new coat of paint could take a varying amount of time, depending on various factors, but a Woodstock house painter can analyze these factors and give you a good estimate of the prep time required.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind for estimating house painting prep times.

Prep Time for Interior House Painting

Depending on the size of the room and height of the ceiling, the prep time for painting an interior painting project may vary. For example, painters need time to clean dust and dirt from the walls and trim, mask areas with painter’s tape, and protect furniture and flooring with fabric drip cloths.

Painters also might have to move furniture to access the walls or paint the ceilings. This puts the estimated prep for interior house painting between 1.5 and 4 hours.

Prep Time for Exterior Painting

Prepping for exterior house painting requires more time and consideration than interior prep, but hiring an experienced and skilled painter will make the time more productive and efficient.

Your painter will have to remove downspouts, light fixtures, shutters, and other items attached to the house before painting it. This takes about four hours for an average sized house.

Old and chipping paint should be scraped off before applying a new coat. Your painter should spackle holes, gouges, and cracks to smooth the surface. Estimate four hours for this plus time to dry. Also, your painter should sand the wooden panels to get rid of sharp edges.

In order to remove loose paint, built-up grime, and to create an optimal painting surface, your painter may have to pressure wash your house. Pressure washing can take six to eight hours, plus additional time for the surface to dry.

Primer should be applied to the bare wood on your home four to eight hours before painting and also requires drying time.

Your trim will have to be replaced and gaps sealed with caulking. Finally, you painters will mask the house and arrange drop cloths. Each of these steps should take between four and eight hours.

Consider These Factors When Prepping for House Painting

There are other considerations to factor in when estimating prep time of house painting projects.

For example, the weather will affect the amount of time that it will take to prepare because a painter cannot provide a quality paint job if it is raining.

The size of your home will also affect the time it takes to prep your house for painting. If your home needs to be completely re-rendered, it may require a full week of prep work.

These time estimates are based on one painter managing the job, but J. Stevens Painting has a team of experts ready to beautify your home with a fast and fantastic looking paint job. Contact us today at 770-365-6889 for a free estimate.



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