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Hottest Exterior Paint Colors of 2019

Exterior paint is an important component of your house as it plays a major role in the first impression of the house. The technology behind creating durable exterior paint has come a long way, and today a large number of colors can last more than eight years. In addition to quality paint and an experienced exterior home painter, make sure that you love the color scheme that you choose if you want to make the most of your investment. The right colors can transform your house completely. They will highlight the attractive angles of your house, and hide the less impressive features.

2018 saw the rise of neutrals in real estate, in fact, you’ll see some of the same colors as in our last blog post, Which Paint Colors Will Help You Sell Your House. The trend will most likely continue well into 2019. The idea behind using warm neutral palettes is to make the house appear more in tune with the surroundings. On the other hand, browns, greys, and blues have also been popular choices this year. 2019 might also see a burst of colors as more people decide to experiment with the palette.

The Major Paint Brands and their Choices For Top Paint Colors Of 2019

Here are some of the major paint brands and their popular color choices.


Greige (combination of Grey & Beige) colors have become a favorite for people who want their neutrals look a bit edgy without compromising the traditional look. This greyish beige looks great on the house, especially when it is paired with other colors. You can paint the trim and shutters a lighter color and then provide a stark contrast on the door. Choose a bold color that will pop against the greige background. While the body of the house looks best when the finish is flat matte, you can use a semigloss all the other elements. Behr recommends pairing the exterior color with your interior decoration.

Benjamin Moore:

You can use an off-white or a light grey on the body of the house and pair with similar colored trims. Add another color on the shutters and porch so that you can create a color scheme. For example, if you choose light blue, you can then paint the door a brighter shade of blue to make it stand out. The body of the house can have low luster sheen, but the shutters and the door will look best in a satin finish. You can extend the colors from the shutters to the porch so that the transition looks softer and more dimensional.


If you do not want to go for a greyish beige, then you can opt for a rosy greige that has slight undertones of pink. It will look very pastel on the house, and you can supplement with creamy white trim and pillars. To play around with some colors while maintaining the overall pastel theme, you can paint the door a light lavender or pink color. The company has found that Flat is the more popular choice when it comes to the body of the house, but semi-gloss is preferred for doors.


If you want to go classic, then you use a yellowish cream color on the body of your house. Pair it with white trim for a traditional and elegant look. Make the door powder blue or blue-grey to complete the look. Most people prefer having a flat finish on the body of the house when using this color scheme. For trim and accents, satin looks better. Glidden recommends matching the color of the door to the flower beds that you have in front of your house. The dual impact will make the house look more impactful and attractive.


The brand recommends avoiding exterior colors that your immediate neighbors have. Instead, you can choose to complement those palettes through your color combination. One of their most popular palettes is a combination of light grey, white and blue (as mentioned previously in the top paint colors for Sherwin Williams). While the body is painted in grey, the trim is colored white. The door should be made to contrast with the neutral background, and hence the shade of blue. Flat works for the body while satin makes the white trim and shutters appear more dimensional. A semigloss or even high gloss finish is recommended for doors.


If you are feeling bold, then you can paint the body of your house a nice cool blue. Mix it up with some dark brown and green for the shutters to make the combination stand out. Adding a reddish brown color on the door will make the palette stunning. These look best in a satin finish. You can add white trim so that the house looks sharp and crisp. Valspar maintains that you should take your time when choosing colors to find that perfect palette.

The best way to select the right scheme is to go through the curated palettes and collections put together by paint manufacturers. Some websites allow you to upload an image of your house and play around till you find a combination you like.

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