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Home Improvement Tips to Update Your Ceilings During Winter 

House updates usually come in terms of walls, floors, or fixtures. Ceilings are often ignored, left the white that they were originally painted when the house was built. It’s time to tackle this part of your house and update it with a new look this winter. You might wonder how make this dream a reality. Woodstock house painters will be more than happy to help. Decide which tips might work for your home.

Remove the Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were popular in the 80’s. Now, 20 years later, they are very dated. Not only that, but the texture makes them impossible to clean as they hold onto dust and cobwebs. In addition, if any ceiling work needs to be done, it can be hard to match the exact texture. Popcorn ceiling removal can be tedious, but the look afterwards is rewarding. An experienced Woodstock house painting company will take care of this job for you, saving hours of tedious labor.

Another Color Besides White

Sure, white is the standard ceiling color, but sometimes your house needs a bit of a unique look to get the feel you want. Try adding a light blue to the ceiling to mimic the outdoor sky, or add a color to the ceiling that is a shade lighter than the walls. You could even use the ceiling as a blank canvas to add an accent color to the room. This may be the new look you’ve been waiting for.

Ceiling Medallions for Elegance

Crown molding around a room adds a nice effect, but sometimes at a large cost. Ceiling medallions are similar to crown molding around your room, but for a light fixture. The cost is less as well. They give the room the touch it needs, especially if you do decide to paint the ceiling a different color.

Wallpaper Accents

Wallpaper can be put on the ceiling to make a room come alive. It is a less expensive and less permanent solution compared to tin ceiling tiles. An elegant pattern or a brighter color wallpaper adds definitive accent. Installing wallpaper can be difficult on a ceiling, but the results can be phenomenal.

Getting Your Interior House Painting Done

J Stevens Painting can help you update your ceilings this year with popcorn ceiling removal or with a new coat of paint. It may be just what your house needs this winter. J Stevens paints more than just ceilings. Any room in your house can benefit from a complete paint job by J Stevens Painting. With top of the line paints, stains, and caulk, you can have confidence in the quality work that J Stevens does.

Our competitive pricing means a quality job for less. Contact us today for a free detailed estimate.


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