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Hiring The Right House Painter For Marietta Homeowners: The Right Questions to Ask

Your money is valuable so don’t just spend it on anyone or any service without asking the right questions first. In many cases, services requested by “professionals” can really be done by anyone, but the reason we want professionals, is for the polished, quality work produced.

How to Find a Quality House Painter

Here’s a list of questions you should ask before hiring your Marietta house painter:

1. How long has the painting company been in business?

Everyone says experience is everything and it really is! Who would you choose to paint your home, a company who’s been painting homes and businesses for the community for more than 20 years or a few painters who’ve been painting on and off for a few years?

The answer is easy — take the experience.Interior Painting | J. Stevens Painting

Many companies receive awards in their respective communities for great customer service and excellent work. This adds to a company’s experience in providing quality service. Don’t hesitate to ask how the community recognizes their business because it will give you a good insight into how they’ll treat you as a customer.

2. Do they use sub-contractors?

It’s important painting contractors don’t use subcontractors because this can lead to unskilled and unprofessional painters working on your home.

If you receive a low painting estimate from a company, it could be due to inexperienced workers on the job. If they do use subcontractors, ask why. If they provide a reasonable explanation, make sure they take the appropriate steps to ensure those subcontractors are vetted before being able to work on your home or business.

3. Do they offer a warranty and are they insured?

Asking this question can save you money in the long run. You always want to make sure the company you’re considering doing work with has a warranty on the painting services they provide. Warranties give the customer security knowing that if the paint job they paid for is damaged, the company will cover them for repairs.

If no warranty, you’ll be left searching for another painting company to fix the mistakes the first painting company made. It will cost you time, money and a major headache.

4. Do they have a portfolio of past work?

The quickest way to hire any type of service is by seeing proof that they can actually do the job and do it well. This is especially important for paint contractors because seeing is believing. Many companies like J. Stevens Painting Contractors in Marietta share with their customers a full gallery of previous work.

Check the painting service you’re interested in and see if they have a portfolio to back up their promises on their website. If you’re satisfied, you’ll know by just looking at a few pictures of finished work on the company website.

5. Do they provide free estimates?

Know what you’re getting before you pay for it. Free estimates allow customers to go into a project with the understanding of what will be done and how much it will cost.

This gives the customer a chance to decide between different services relating to the work they need done. Many companies don’t mind providing you an estimated cost for their services. It shows the company cares more about their customers feeling comfortable with pricing and the services provided for the price.

6. What are people saying about the company?

Word of mouth is powerful! We use the Internet every day to find ratings for restaurants, movies, products and services. Check and see what the community is saying about the painting service you’re considering using. You will be able to tell a lot from just a few reviews if this company is worth hiring.

If you want a business review on the company you’re considering, try the Better Business Bureau. They provide quality reviews from customers who’ve had real life experience with the company.

The BBB provides ratings and provides honest reviews to steer you away from any companies that might have shoddy work or function on scamming consumers. Always check to see if the company you’re considering hiring has a good rating.

It’s Time To Decide

Now that you’ve asked the important questions, you’ll have a better understanding of if the painting contractor in question can provide you excellent service and quality work.

Many companies will know you’re serious when you ask the right questions, making your entire project a success for the company, and yourself! Ask these questions before selecting your Marietta House Painter today. Just call 770-365-6889!

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