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Get the Most Out of Your Alpharetta Home with Color

Does your living room feel a little dull and small? It’s time for you to switch out the old look for new colors that will make your den not only feel bigger, but also pop with color.

Choosing a paint color is always a tough decision, but when you call a painting contractor in Alpharetta, they’ll make your project so much easier. Check out these six colors that are guaranteed to make your living room feel spacious and comfy.


Neutral colors make for perfect living rooms colors. It can be styled for a more classic look or dressed up for a more modern design. Add pillows or curtains that contain shades of deep blues to create a calm and inviting environment.

If you like a darker look for your walls to pair with your light furniture, you might consider Sherwin William’s Stonehenge Greige. This contrast creates a certain drama and charm that is very traditional.

A lighter option to consider is PPG’s Toasted Almond, which makes the walls appear soft and creamy. You can pair it with a rich purple curtain and accents to make the room feel luxurious.

Shades of Grey

Grey has proven to be white’s much cooler and popular cousin.  It’s a neutral color that can be simple and elegant or a solid background when paired with bright colors.

Whirlwind by PPG is a pale hue that will leave your room feeling soft and airy. When it’s paired with white décor, it feels crisp and clean, but when paired with darker pigments, it has a more sensual feel.

PPG also offers a dark grey named Downpour that will open your room up and add warmth. When partnered with an upbeat color like electric blue, the room will have a very dramatic appeal.

Something Blue

Any shade of blue is known to have a calming effect. That’s why you frequently see it in bedrooms and bathrooms, but don’t be so quick to rule it out for other rooms.

If you’re wanting to encourage your guests to relax and stay awhile, consider using tones like PPG’s Colonial Aqua and Geyser. They have the power to brighten and expand the feel of any room.

Choosing the right colors that will make your home feel bigger is a difficult decision. You’ve decided on the color, now let us worry about the hassle of painting. At J. Stevens Painting, we believe that home owners should not have to bear the burden of clean-up from professional painters. To learn more about our services, or schedule a free estimate, contact us or call 770-365-6889 today.

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