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Best Colors For Residential Painting | J Stevens Painting

Fit In or Stand Out: What Colors Are Best For Residential Painting?

Best Colors For Residential Painting | J Stevens PaintingWhether you’re buying your very first house or you want to spruce up your interior design with a fresh look, deciding on a color palette for each individual space in your home can be a fun and exciting challenge.

From bedrooms to bathrooms and living rooms to breakfast areas, you can create a unique mood and experience with just a couple drops of color. With a little help from a team of Woodstock house painters, get ready to transform the look and feel of your home with these trendy paint choices.

Stir Up Excitement with Your Living Room

Since the living room primarily functions as an entertaining space, making it a lively and fun room starts with bold color choices. A bright primary yellow with accents of candy red will make your guests feel energized and excited, while various shades of gold mixed with admiral blue is simultaneously refreshing and invigorating.
“Safe” color combinations are going out of style; going bold with the spaces where you and your guests will spend most of your time is what homeowners are doing now.

Creating Calm in the Bedroom

Bedrooms should always be as relaxing as possible. Studies have shown that when the bedroom is used solely for unwinding and resting, sleep quality improves significantly. That’s why using neutral or calm tones will always be in style.
Mixing colors like a soft cream and a light turquoise can create the sensation of being at one of the most relaxing places on earth – the beach. Playing with the natural light that’s available in the bedroom can also help construct this experience.

Got an Appetite for Dining Room Colors?

For many people, mealtime is the most important time of the day. If this is the case for you, then picking the right color combination for wherever you, your family, and your guests dine can help stir your senses and whet your appetite.
Lemon yellows and Mint greens are good choices for a breakfast room, while darker hues such as Mocha brown or Basil green are excellent for kitchens. You can evoke a sense of luxury by using a Merlot red with tints of metallic copper in your dining room. Just be careful – if you pick the right colors, your guests might never want to leave!

Don’t Forget Your “Empty Spaces”

When thinking about color choices for the home, there is one wall in particular that generally gets left out of the design process: the ceiling.
If you have a flat ceiling, you can easily transform the tone of a room by playing with different colors or textures. Depending on the hues used in the room itself, you can create the sense of being surrounded on all sides by using a gold finish, or you can open up the entire space by using a sky blue. The “sky” is the limit when it comes to the number of feelings and experiences you can create just by using a little bit of paint!

J. Stevens Painting is a team of skilled painters and contractors that are ready to help you transform your living space. Contact us for a free estimate and start transforming your home today!

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