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Do’s and Don’ts: Choosing Textured Paint  

There’s always that room in your home that needs some inspired decorating. Maybe you want the unique look that wallpaper provides, but without the hassle of installation. Textured paint may be the answer for this dilemma. You could use textured paint on one wall to make that wall’s accent color stand out even more.

Woodstock house painters should be skilled in how to update your house with textured paint. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about refreshing the look of your home using textured paint.

Prepare Your Walls for Interior House Painting Using Textured Paint

Textured paint adds an extra dimension to a room, but lack of preparation can be make a mess of things. While it covers a multitude of imperfections, texture paint also has its limits. Even a bit of waviness to drywall finishing can affect the look of your textured surface, so you will want to have it fixed before textured paint is added.

Also, have any existing texture removed before applying the new texture. Two textures that are mixed with one another can produce an undesired result. An experienced house painter will build prep time into your project before applying textured paint.

A Variety of Choices in Textured Paint for Interior House Painting

Available in all grits and sizes, textured paint gives you a lot of options. Textured paints are designated for either walls or ceilings. You can approach a textured paint project from two different angles. There are advantages to both approaches.

First, you can start with paint that has texture in it already. The advantage of this is that the texture is more uniform throughout the paint, giving an even look to your textured finish. Textured paint can also be tinted to the color you want.

The other option is to get paint and then add texture later. The advantage of this is that you can add just the right amount of texture to get the look you want. You are also able to pick out the brand and sheen of paint you want, allowing you to customize even more.

A skilled house painter can help you make the best selection and achieve the look you want.

Test Out Textured Paint Before Applying It Everywhere

Going to a textured surface is a big enough change that you should try it out before you commit to it fully. Removing textured paint is extra work, because of the sanding required.  To avoid this trouble, test the texture in a closet or on a board so you can see how it looks before you apply it to a wall.

Your painting contractor would be glad to show you a test area first and make sure the texture is one you like. It is much easier to test on the front end then to paint a whole room or wall and then realize it’s not the look you wanted.

J. Stevens Painting specializes in revitalizing the look of your home with trending styles and eye-catching colors. We can remove ones outdated popcorn ceilings and apply fresh textured paint that adds a bold dimension to the look of your home. Contact J. Stevens Painting today to get started.

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