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Don’t Make These Outdoor Design Mistakes

Decorating an outdoor space appropriately can be a tricky process with so many decisions at stake. You want the area to look fresh and updated, but it should also be functional and match the rest of your home.  

If you’re interested in giving your home a fresh look, consider calling painters in Canton, GA to get a fresh coat of paint inside and out. However, if you simply want your new outdoor decor to reflect your existing “feel”, you may find yourself playing the matching game.  

Each home owner will have different needs, budgets, and tastes, but there are universal mistakes to try to avoid during your next redecorating project. 

The Wrong Furniture 

The wrong type of furniture is one of the most common errors that occur when decorating outdoors. You want the transition from your indoor décor to be as seamless as possible.  

It is often difficult to find an outdoor look that is in line with your overall residential theme of paint colors, tones, and patterns. However, pulling an old sofa on to the patio, for example, might not be the way to go about it. Not only is it impractical to stand up to natural elements, but it could also be an outdated look that no longer matches your home’s theme.  

Continue your style by using furniture of similar materials and style. Finding pieces of a similar era, color, or size will help you attain a dynamic look without being overwhelming.  

Once you’ve positioned the furniture, take a step back and look at it with your house as the backdrop. If it clashes or stands out too much, you may want to reconsider your décor decisions. 

Lack of Accessories 

Have you ever walked on to a back porch to see a brand-new patio set with nothing else around it? This look comes off as incredibly dull and flat. It looks like they just bought the set and plopped down, with little consideration about what should accompanying it.  

The easiest way to continue your home’s theme outdoors is through accessories. Wind chimes, candles, and pillows are a great way to develop a calming, tranquil feel to your décor. Using hanging plants, vines, or flowers provides a more natural, lively look.  

As with most things in life, moderation is necessary. Don’t create a confusing and cluttered look by over-accessorizing. 

Using Your Space Ineffectively 

Another common design blunder is not being aware of the physical space and how to use it. Having a large yard with only one furniture set placed right in the middle or tucked away in a corner isn’t the best use of space. However, having too much furniture or decorations can ruin the freedom and openness that comes with being outside.  

Fill your space, but also leave enough room for guests to move freely. When arranging your seats, be sure the furniture is close enough to communicate with out shouting, but spaced enough for a walkway. 

It’s easy to get excited about a renovated outdoor space and leave design as the last item on your to-do list. Avoid these common mistakes to help your outdoor space be a fun and welcoming place for all visitors.  

For more tips or if you have any painting needs, Contact J. Stevens Painting or call 770-365-6889 today.

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