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DIY Guide: How to Use TWP on the Wood in Your Home | J Stevens Painting

DIY Guide: How to Use TWP on the Wood in Your Home

Whether you’re looking to improve your fence or your deck, Total Wood Preservative (TWP) is a great product that allows you to preserve the wooden structures of your home without spending obscene amounts of money. As an Atlanta painting contractor, we have a wealth of experience with TWP, frequently using it to prolong the longevity of our customers’ wooden structures. Keep reading for a DIY guide on how to use TWP yourself!

What is TWP?

Created by Amteco, TWP is a paint-like product designed to preserve wood that is subjected to outdoor conditions. TWP stains and protects outdoor wooden structures, allowing them to be less affected by inevitable factors such as mold and wood rot.

A coat of TWP serves as a barrier for 5-7 years, while a deck will be protected 1-3 years due to wear and tear caused by frequent foot traffic. TWP can be conveniently touched up or reapplied when it becomes necessary, potentially adding decades to the lifespan of a wood product.

What to Do Before You Apply TWP

Power wash your fence or deck before applying TWP. If your fence or deck has been stained previously, be sure to remove all the traces of the old coat. Not sure? An easy way to tell on decks is by simply pouring a glass of water onto the deck after you’ve power washed it and allowed it to dry. If the water seeps into the deck, it’s ready for TWP. If the water beads up, your old preservative is still present in the wood.

How to Apply TWP

Preferably with 2-3 people, apply the TWP to the area with a roller. Have someone else back-brush the TWP shortly after to ensure that it is consistent and evenly-spread before it dries.

After the fence has been coated with TWP, take a paintbrush (or a couple of paintbrushes of different sizes), and use them to get the sections of wood that are trickier to reach. For decks, this could mean the gaps or ridges in between the pieces of wood. On the other hand, for fences, this could mean you need to touch up the top of the fence. It is especially important to coat the top of a fence with TWP, or the rain will seep in and spoil all of your hard work.

At J. Stevens, we don’t just specialize in exterior and interior painting. We are also experts for wood preservation projects as well. If you’re looking for an affordable Atlanta painting contractor, get in touch with us today and get a free estimate on your next painting project!

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